Unless you have been living under a rock, you heard yesterday from Berlon spokeswoman Liz Flowers, who announced the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia was “prepared” to step down.

There was also some mention made to “details” of the “resignation.”  Since nobody can fathom what those “details” are, we at Blog for Democracy are left to assume that Berlon spokeswoman Liz Flowers was unable to find a pen for Mike Berlon to write “I resign” on a napkin and sign.

Q: Has Mike Berlon resigned as Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia?

A: No.


7 Responses to “Details” Watch: Day 1

  1. Ice Tina says:

    This just in from Wisconsin… apparently their chair’s race is heating up… count the similarities between them and us.


  2. Anita Moorecock says:

    I got $10 on the “he’s not going anywhere team” and all the nay sayers are being recorded in the big book called Mike’s “kill list”. It’s f’ing brilliant.

    He’ll weasel his way through it, and with a largely neutralized state committee he can. The Exec as nothing to do with him leaving. They can ask, but he doesn’t have to listen….. see 2011, 2012 financial statements and budgets.

  3. Waldo says:

    So, it looks like we got a lot of ground to cover. Over /Under on June 6th?

  4. Steve says:

    There are actually details to get done. One of them is A DNC Meeting wekend after next, Mike obviously has to reisgn that and make sure that that his functions as regional vice dhciar get handed off. There is also a fairly significant two day meeting at Trabert composed og f Southern State Party chairs and key strategist about putting a plan in place for southern states not unlike NC.. He has got to hand off hosting responsibilities to someone presumably Nikema.. thoughf I do not know if he was osting as DPCH or DNC Regional. There are also nits and nats of administrative stuff that he has to transistion as well. ANd quite Honestly there is the issue of the State Party having to swear Nikema in. les we be with out a chair until next time the Party meets,

    There are legirtmate reson why he has not clened out his desk, and turned in his keys. Maybe not in everyone’s eyes but I think the state party leadership has let hime know that he needs to make quick work of everything.

  5. Anita Moorecock says:

    Good question Gunner, she works for the Senate Caucus as it’s ED, which nominally is under the party umbrella, so maybe?

    Fun Fact, Michael Rene Berlon has an apartment in Paris
    Fun Fact, US and France have little or no extradition agreements.

  6. Gunner says:

    Is she running press for DPG or just Berlon?