housecleaningThe amount of misinformation and factual errors regarding the current DPG situation (and related items) is mind-boggling.  With this post I will attempt to correct those errors that I can find.  Please use the comments thread to add anything I’ve missed.

  1. (and most important)  Chairman Berlon HAS NOT resigned.  He has announced his PLANS to resign.  This may seem to be a minor detail, but it’s worth consideration.
  2. Daughter NOT niece.
  3. The DPG Chair is is selected and removed by the DPG State Committee members, NOT Mayor Reed, NOT the Executive Committee, NOT  “Democrats at large”.
  4. If the DPG Chair chooses to resign, it’s as simple as a writing on any random slip of paper:  “I resign”, affixing a signature and submitting it in to the Executive Committee.   Done.
  5. The First Vice Chair immediately takes charge of the party upon receipt of Chair’s resignation.  No gavel swapping.  No vote.
  6. Page (note spelling)  Gleason was not “forced out”.  She resigned.

There are sources readily available (a walk through Manuel’s any night, an email to this blog, a review of the Party By-Laws, a call to any  County Party leader) if our beloved press just made a tiny effort.


11 Responses to “Details” Watch: Day 2 Fact Checker

  1. jules says:

    Virgilio is a GOD!

    I’ve now referred to this as the “nuclear option”.

    However Mike can still punk people with blowing off all these meeting with “my grand mother died” excuses and calling people to keep quorum impossible to achieve.

    Other than that, everything is spiffy at the DPGeeeze.

  2. Virgilio Perez Pascoe says:

    You explain well, Catherine.

    Even the Political Insider of today (5/31/13) has it wrong–this could take even beyond June, if Mike and the Executive Committee do not agree on next steps. Mike apparently wants to attend a meeting of the DNC (on June 8th–executive committee of DNC??? ). Depending on the decision of the EC of the DPG, though, there may be some negotiating levers to reduce this rudderless period.

    For one, Sen. Lester Jackson is on the Credentials Committee of the DNC–which verifies whether membership of individuals in the DNC is valid–a very powerful committee. He could convey a DPG Executive Committee challenge to Mike’s credentials according to Article 2, Section 10, paragraph (b), sub paragraph (I) of the DNC bylaws.

    The other process that could concurrently begin is that the EC of the DPG at the 6th June meeting, vote to call for a meeting of the State Committee with the agenda of the removal of the Chair–this will require a maximum 51 days and a minimum of 30 days to implement according to BL2.2.2 and BL2.8.1 depending on whether the Chair refuses to call a meeting within 21 days of the vote of the Executive Committee.

    Once the resignation is received, automatically the Vice-Chair becomes Acting Chair and elections for the remaining term must take place within 70 days.

    The biggest concern, of course, is the very low cash flow–which, really is closer to $12K, since credit card debt is $18K. June 6th will be a critical day–but the decisions taken then will take time to implement.

    I hope cooler heads will prevail and a faster period for a resolution is implemented. It is in the hands of Mike to make it a shorter period.

    Another thing–there really should not be a press conference after June 6th with only the Chairman–key members of the Executive Committee should be present. Though, if possible, clear decisions should be made first. No sense adding to the sense of disarray.

  3. jules says:

    What is so very destructive about this, is while we mock, right now sitting Exec committee members and State Committee members are also buying the claptrap of his, his toadies and the media.

    What may come of it, however is everyone is about to get a crash course in the Bylaws whether they like it or not.

  4. Haley Shank says:

    Hell, I could’ve told them all that! It’s ridiculous what “facts” people get away with reporting these days.

  5. Waldo says:

    Yikes, sad reporting from the Atlanta Media…

    …. and until the details are resolved I think were in for a lot of more these type of stories. Do we know who is minding the press now that Eric has moved on?

    More importantly, who is minding Trabert?

  6. Ice Tina says:

    In what will be forever in my mind the MOST charitable headline ever… GPB out does itself with a completely inaccurate title.

    Who’s rebuilding? Right now it’s idling at best.

    State Democratic Party Rebuilding
    By Ellen Reinhardt

    Bless Ellen’s heart, she probably still gives her money to the DPG Canvassers.