energysupplementsCry if you want to.

FEC reports are out!  It’s tricky to determine the entire financial picture of the Democratic Party of Georgia due to different accounts for state and federal expenditures, receipts and debt.  However, from an examination of expenditures on the federal account one can get a sampling of the situation.  Over $9500 for event tickets and catering for the Bill Maher show in Savannah, for example.  I imagine some of these costs were captured in reimbursements for tickets, but it’s unclear from the receipts.  A review of debts & obligations shows over $18K, including $10K-plus in credit card charges.  Receipts fill the picture out even more.   If anyone knows what the State Party Victory Fund is, please leave a comment.  Ending cash on hand shows $30,734.18.

While no longer a member of the State Party, as a Democratic voter and former contributor, these reports appear to tell a disturbing story.  With important elections just 18 months away, I worry that the party may not have the financial wherewithal to be competitive in the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, the Georgia Republican Party filings show cash on hand of $631,960.25.


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  1. Steve says:

    LOL. Not me I am trying to get the right person to get into the race. I don’t have thskills temperment bank account or desire. Besides I get abused enough on here….LOL

  2. Steve says:

    I am well aware of the 30 day reuirement.. however and executive Committee meeting can be called on two days notice and the whole party can be invited to that meeting. The EXCom is prepared right now to pull the trigger on demanding Mike Call the meeting immediately which he is obligated to do. undeer the bylwas

    • Waldo says:

      Wait …….

      Didn’t you just post about the ‘legitimate’ reasons Mike has not fully exited on the other thread…..? You don’t get to play both cards. So which is it? Will the ‘EXCom’ do something or just continue wallowing to the beat of Mike’s agenda?

      If he wanted to leave on his own terms, as you suggest, I believe they had long enough to think that through and I’m disappointed this was the best plan.

      • Steve says:

        I was simply respoing to the asserton on 30 dayss notice. three days is too long for me.

        • Anita Moorecock says:

          Which bylaws are you reading? I have nothing that says the Chair works for the Exec committee, he serves the the State committee, they are the only ones who can remove him.

          Dude never listened to Exc before, so why now.

          Stalling, and more stalling.

          Swearing in, what a load of crap. She’s acting chair the minute he resigns officially even if she’s at the North Pole.
          DNC Regional meeting, please; a party clown could host that.
          NC Chair, a man who barely survived a no confidence vote and Mike’s hero.

          Or do you just want him gone so you can be Chair?

  3. Steve says:

    If he were playing a game at this point.. I would be one of the first calls he would have made and if he had made that phone call I would have told him to go fuck himself. He would not have had my support on the worley iniative. David and I jhad that coversation several days ago. I had to keep by yap shut because of my responsibilityies as Bylaws chair. I think his support on Excom is probably down to one or two people if that.

    He is definitelyly resigning there are minor transitional issues to be gotten through, Nikema is in Spaing. Looks to me like the exec meeting on the 6th is going to be canceled but there will be be a state committtee meeting mid June. He want to thank the party and hand the gavel to Nikema. He wants to go out on his terms. Give it a couple of weeks, I think that’s fair and approriate. Beyond that not a chance

    • Anita Moorecock says:

      Steve as Bylaws Chair you should certain know that a meeting for mid-june is impossible. If the State Committee got an email tomorrow announcing a meeting it couldn’t be held before for June 31.

      If sentiment is so high for him to clap eyes on the SC one more time, he can do that on his own dime and his own time.


      Resign, and elections can be called in 60 days.

      There is simply no need for the sake of unity to drag this out. But that’s not what this prima donna wants, he wants endless press conferences and media events to explain himself etc.

      He has health issues an professional issues that he needs to tend to.

      Man up and move on Mr. Berlon.

  4. Steve says:

    Berlon is resigning There is a protocol for this requiring the State Party to accept the rediognation

    • Julez says:

      @Steve, except that’s not what the statement says. It says he’s “preparing” to resign. Until he provides a letter, with a date and terms and the Exec committee accepts it, he’s still the Chair.

      Folks are getting this wrong.

      He could easily be making calls right now to find out if he has support and emerge next week with a new mandate to stay on just like the guy in NC who survived his no confidence vote.

      1st Vice Chair Williams can not act in any capacity beyond her organizational role, until he’s no longer chair.

  5. Madelyn Clare says:

    Never mind, got it from Jim- wow. June 6th, eh? Time to pick up the phone, and start emailing like a fiend!

  6. Madelyn Clare says:

    Hey, can someone post the paid content from the AJC concerning someone who thinks Mike should step down? I’m not paying the AJC for content, but am interested in knowing who that was.
    I was very active in the Party until illness took me out of the game, but have NOT felt welcomed back now that I’m feeling better, at least to the point that I could be of some service, between bouts of what ailes me. I haven’t attended or paid for any events by the DPG since Mike took over- because he was not straight w/me, or many of my like-minded friends.
    I am a proud supporter of Better Georgia, and think that orgs just like that are what it is going to take to build a network of like-minded, issue-oriented VOTERS. The DPG right now is just NOT cutting it. Mike seems more interested in building a presence for himself in D.C. than doing what it takes to win here in GA. He brags on the elected officials we still have in the state, as if the good works they attempt are somehow a reflection of his hard work. We all know better.

  7. Julez says:

    Have an opinion on how the party is being managed…
    There will be a Exec Meeting on June 6th, DPG HQ. Evening.
    The members of the exec committee are


    Congressional District Chairs

    DNC Members

    Various appointed members (Loyal to Mike)

    Contact any of these folks… and make your concerns known.

  8. Bob Peckerwood says:

    Jeff, you’re a Democrat now….. how interesting

    • Gerald says:

      If that comment had been from absolutely anyone other than Jeff Anderson it would have been a good one.

      But since Jeff Anderson is a con and a joke, the comment loses its luster.

  9. In the ideal, our Democratic Party exists to help make real, policy, law and programs that many people see as in the American model and good for all people. A Party that cannot or does not do that is not just a failure, but an obstruction to those goals. Such is the state of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

    With very few operational people and no appreciable assets, the DPG is really just an identity, not an effective political or governing instrument. In its current state, it actually contributes to our downward governing spiral. By not producing (indeed dissuading) viable candidacies and successful Democratic elections, it chokes off our own policy hopes and allows an unchallenged Georgia GOP to veer farther off the American middle and not have to produce good public servants of its own.

    Despite their demonstrated skill for gaining and holding Party office and maintaining some image of Party existence, the operational fact of the matter is that the current DPG leadership is a source – not the victim – of our current condition. The personal and professional challenges and questions around DPG Chairman Berlon and Political Director Richey are not merely unfortunate coincidences, but symptoms of strategic inability to successfully guide the Party.

    Given the down-pressure and brand damage Georgia Democratic candidate hopefuls and rank-and-file citizens are getting out of both this and current White House issues, we are left with three choices: To simply quit, to feign a change of image, or to truly reform and revitalize.

    Fractionalization and pursuit of alternative PACs and organizations is not the answer. I urge my fellow state Democrats to genuinely pursue internal change, including personnel changes, immediately and earnestly. Let’s not devolve into “now is MY chance to be the big shot”, but instead gather to identify and prioritize our regional Democratic goals and build an organization to honestly and effectively pursue those ends.


  10. Jack says:

    The money is not even the biggest concern. I much more troubled by the news of the law stuff.

  11. Gunner says:

    @bob I would love to see your last name on a yard sign!

  12. Bob Peckerwood says:


    Welcome to the land of lost causes. Your comments are spot on, except we don’t seem to have anyone left to coordinate those activities.

    DPG is letting staff go and the donors are taking a wait and see approach to continuing to fund the party.

    Numerous other political groups are stepping forward in targeted ways to move ahead of the significantly sidelined party.

    I’d look around and see what groups are active in your area, local county party, League of Women Voters, city council and mayoral candidates. From these places new stars will be nurtured. They won’t just ride up on white horses for us, we need to stop that top down mentality, it doesn’t work see 2010’s results.

  13. Julez says:

    I think that Victory Fund is a percentage of any money that the DNC raises in GA. It’s a pittance to offset to the Brinks trucks that they roll outta here to DC whenever big names come to town to raise funds.