Old White Men have the sadz

Old White Men are happy!

We’re number #1, USA USA USA 

Coming in nicely at number 11, Delaware! 

Congressman John Lewis, always fantastic and consistent in his support.

Punk, ah no.  I’m calling the Met Punk event “when Anna Wintour jumped the shark”. Where is Richard Hell when you need him. I have so much to say on this subject, but I.just.can’t.

How much crazy grandstanding can you fit in one room? Well here’s the Benghazi hearing for you!  Myths & Facts for the water cooler conversations.

Sweet baby Jesus on a breadstick.  You’ll have to wait till 2015 for the GA Democrats freak show.


Inclusion, yeah it’s not a thing at the Heritage Foundation.


6 Responses to Link Mania otherwise known as Snark Wednesday

  1. BEZERKO says:

    Sorry Jules, not a big fan of the “Facts vs. Myths” concept. Almost never (I never say never in general) works and usually they do more harm than good. They repeat and reinforce the myth which is usually printed in bold (as it is in the article), followed by a long argument against it in normal print. It’s best to just change the context of the discussion, for example: “That’s just the republicans trying to change the subject, avoid doing their jobs, and subvert democracy in the process.” Or like in the health care debate where they argued against republican claims with Axlerod’s three groups of eight talking points memo, they should have put greater emphasis on the moral argument, life and death, either you believe people should be able to go to the doctor when they’re sick or you don’t.

  2. JMPrince says:

    You’re screwed, Part Deux: College Grads> Screwed in the ‘New Economy’:


    College kids going out of state? Scrod: (Bloomberg):


    Bonus: PhD.s? Market appears to be crashing esp. with sequester deal:



  3. JMPrince says:

    We’re screwed, part of an ongoing series: Deficit follies and obsession? Bogus as usual, especially when done by the GOP: (Via Josh Barro):


    The preening cause of austerity hysterics, revealed as a sad farce, Via Dean Baker:



  4. Drew says:

    What’s the word on Colbert-Busch’s performance? She did better than Obama, I know, but did she do better or worse than expected? Did she prove herself a good enlightened candidate that she’d be a good nominee for Senate?

    Also, glad that Barrow bowed out. His record did not sit well with me, and I don’t think it would have sat well with the base. Whether Michelle Nunn will be any better remains to be seen, of course. What’s her position on Obamacare? Minimum wage? Universal Pre-k? Gun safety? Climate change? Immigration?

  5. griftdrift says:

    Can I plug my own?

    As usual a little something for everyone