Dance Party Fun Times WooWe need to break up. It’s not you, it’s us. No, really it is.

I know this comes at a difficult time for you what with your serious health and professional troubles, but it can’t be avoided any longer. We stayed as long as we could, through thick and thin, but this week we  realized that we fundamentally want different things.  Perhaps we didn’t know who you really were and you’ve stayed the same, and we’re the ones who’ve changed.

We’ve been together a couple years now and our problems have been mounting up.

You want to travel to exotic places and we want to stay home work in our garden tending to our seed corn.

You want to hold splashy media events and theme parties, we think it’s wasteful and silly.

You want entertain  strangers, and we’d rather have a quiet beer with our friends.

You want to spend our money like a drunken sailor on shore leave, we’d rather save our money and pay our bills.

You’ve been ignoring your friends and listening to some very unusual people.

So, Mike you see, this can’t work we’ve grown apart.

Take care of yourself and just as soon as you feel better, drop us a line.

Let’s try to be friends and remember pursuing us again in the public forum would be unseemly.


3 Responses to Dear John, oops I mean Mike

  1. JMPrince says:

    In a different political galaxy in a time forgotten in the mists of some real scandal, & when either a Dole or a Bush was the Chairman (I’m not going to bother to look it up), we had this lovely outing on the WH South Lawn.

    Another era, w/fading political fortunes and all, but strangely enough, 40 years on it’s still fondly recalled. Despite nearly the same dress code, (the DFI will protest it was 4-5 years too soon for true Disco), we’ve got a careful selection of the near greats well known enough to be ‘reliable party people’, (or nearly so).

    What did we get besides all the new spiffy & expensive outre WH uniforms personally designed by Tricky Dick? The Duke, mumbling something incoherent & simplistically devotional about the Prez, we’ve got WWII vintage Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy et al in 2 min, (if you can stand it). Well at least he was dressed impeccably. (Famed as yes, a radio ventriloquist). We also get a pretty spooky New Christy Minstrel’s number (yes, children, do look it up), which is memorable only for the serious operatic stylings of some unknown (?) ‘funky brown chicks’ on the gig. A warbling Roy Acuff forced to do his famous ‘Wabash Cannonball’ mostly off mike. Walk ons by Ricardo Montalban and Gen. (yes) Jimmy Stewart. Sammy Davis Jr. doing his latest & I think last real hit. A decent if quick short take by the late great Phyllis Diller, who destroys in 2 min what Bob Hope barely tickles in 2 hrs as the MC. Hope still does all the same patented lame golf jokes, only this time with a robust and dangerously amused looking Spiro Agnew chortling along in the front row. (At that moment he’s as a yet unindicted co-conspirator, as are nearly a third of the crowd of WH functionaries there, no doubt). Hope also has lame pot jokes with/for his band leader, the redoubtable ‘ol Les Brown, and his stalwart bros of mutton chopped bandmates, who look sorrily slightly bemused.

    Earlier on you also get a surprisingly coherent Adm. James Bond Stockdale, who was the highest ranking POW there & a MoH recipient. He’s mostly known today, if at all, as that ‘bumbling old man’ on Ross Perot’s quixotic 1992 Presidential ticket as the VP slot, simply because Perot trusted him as the ‘most honorable man he knew’. Ross was right about that, but not about having him reintroduce himself to America in a Platonic dialog with himself on live TV in debate. He’ll likely go down in history as the last yes, serious Classical scholar on any Presidential ticket.

    But Wait! You also get the great anti-climatic closer where we see Irving Berlin, the man who wrote & composed ‘God Bless America’, try mightily to get this crowd of military men & their wives and various political bigwigs to sing along with him on this classic near ‘national anthem’. Despite gamily resolutely ‘soldiering’ on with IB leading, the results are mostly desultory, just like any near drunk, tired & played out choir at home might do! How well, refreshing to recall. We’re no better at that either.

    They all lived to mostly, almost all live it down. So might Steve P. Maybe.
    ‘Mistakes were made’. Here’s the 2 hr. vid in all it’s splendid gory err glory.

  2. Rubyduby says:

    So looking forward to my first Executive Comm meeting on Thursday…Nothing quite like jumping into a great big clusterf*ck!

  3. Tim says:

    I do agree with Mike on one thing “I should have known better”. But hey, we all make wrong personal judgements from time to time. Unforunately this one just takes a while to correct and is personally very painful.

    God bless Nikema, RJ, and the other Exec and State committee members, you’ve got a crazy s&*tstorm building. Just know that for all the snark and facebook craziness, we support any efforts to get this state party back on its legs and moving in any direction, but preferably forward.