Yesterday morning, Jim Galloway brought us this gem:

Mike Berlon’s long good-bye could extend well into June, a state Democratic party spokewoman confirmed this morning. Berlon this week announced his intention to resign as state party chairman, but spokeswoman Liz Flowers confirmed that he still plans to attend a June 8 meeting called by the Democratic National Committee.

Flowers said the meeting is designated for state chairs, with no provisions for substitutes. Berlon said he feared Georgia would go unrepresented if he were to stay home.

All that could change next Thursday, when the party’s executive committee meets.

For the love of God, will someone please get Mike Berlon and his spokeswoman Liz Flowers a copy of the by-laws?

Berlon and his cronies will say absolutely anything to stay in power, but even a little lie, IS A LIE.

Flowers said the meeting is designated for state chairs, with no provisions for substitutes.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  The very second Mike Berlon actually resigns, Nikema Williams would become Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia.  No delay.  No swearing in.  No passing of the gavel.

Seriously though, Liz Flowers, get a copy of the by-laws and read them.  Georgia would be represented at the DNC Meeting, by our Chairwoman, Nikema Williams.  Then, at a later time, the State Committee would elect a new Chairperson and Ms. Williams, if she doesn’t run or isn’t elected Chair herself, would return to her post as First Vice Chair.

This isn’t rocket science people, it’s reading comprehension.


12 Responses to “Details” Watch: Day 3 (It’s the By-Laws, Stupid!)

  1. Catherine says:

    Seriously? Of ALL the DPG hires, Ms Flowers is the one you go after? Ms Flowers has worked tirelessly to support the Senate Caucus, to assist other staff with communications, and most recently to act as the spokesperson for the DPG. Her personnel record, salary history and performance reviews are not proper chatter for this blog. Jeff, I suggest you take your “issues” up with Senator Henson. Or keep them to yourself.

    Any further comments criticizing Ms Flowers will likely be deleted.

  2. Julianal says:

    Jeff, right now we are in the unfortunate position of waiting.

    Folks would be well served to document their concerns and suggestions for the new administration and/or voting members of the Democratic State Committee.

    I’m sure that the candidates running for the unpaid “job” of Chair will begin to get these kind of inquires shortly.

    If you need help finding your District Chair, Vice Chair or voting members from your county please let me know, I can help.

  3. Jeff M. says:

    She’s paid very well by the party and the party caucuses, considering their respective budgets. We have too much progressive talent in our state to continue allowing Liz Flowers (“& Associates”) to control our message (in the most embarrassing way possible). I wonder if Senator Henson even takes the time to read her releases, because if he did, she’d be out begging other candidates for a job. Her employment history is well known so I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone on here. I speak of her professional work, not of her as a person. Liz seems like a very kind and progressive person but is definitely in the wrong industry. We have to stop letting the same stay around but merely change seats. We need fresh, talented, and passionate leadership…from Chairman to Press Secretary. If you ask me, a good press operation is more important than a lot of the other party positions!

  4. nonchalant says:

    Jules, you’re dead-on. She’s paid by the Senate Caucus which of course is part of the party, and thanks for helping to clarify that, so yeah, LF’s not exactly working pro bono.

    I too am glad that we’re finally turning the page and moving past all of the foibles that you so succinctly described as we close the chapter on the Berlon Era.

  5. nonchalant says:

    Its kinda odd…and frankly down right bizarre, that in the midst of all of the Democrats recent troubles…there’s those that prefer to keep firing away at the stand-in DPG spokesperson. What’s up with that? “Overpaid”? Come again? She’s not being paid by the party so what is this really about? OK..people got an ax to grind with Liz; WE GET IT, but how in heck can you seriously talk about being tired of being a “laughingstock” while ignoring how we got here in the first place? Its good that you want to help, but is this level of sniping right now of all times really necessary?? I know we’re not going to agree but can we move on?

    • Jules says:

      My understanding is she is being compensated through the Senate Caucus, which in turn is part of the party. So not quite fair to say she’s unpaid.

      Is it enough to deal with this crap, unlikely. But it’s not volunteer.

      I thank who ever it was that was able to talk over the voices in Mike’s head and was able to get the process moving toward his removal. I have no idea who was able to do that, but I believe folks are grateful.

      A very big problem with the Berlon admin was the complete lack of oversight and involvement by the active Democratic community. Had there been others with their hands on the wheel perhaps we would have avoid the tree, ditch, lake and semi before crashing this week, so publicly and sloppily. That must be remembered.

  6. Jeff M. says:

    An intern could write better press releases: Here’s just one of the many, many tragedies:

    NOTE: I will help in any way possible. I’m just tired of being the laughing stock of the press because of our incapable, overpaid press consultant.

    October 1, 2012

    For Immediate Release

    Liz Flowers

    Senate Dems: State Moving in Wrong Fiscal Direction
    Revenue shortages threaten financial health of state

    Atlanta, Ga. – October 1, 2012 – Georgia Senate Democrats said the stability of the Georgia’s economy is threatened by latest evidence from the State Accounting Office’s report that revenue reserves are dangerously low.

    “The worst of our state’s economic recession should be behind us,” said Sen. Vincent Fort, Whip of the Senate Democratic Caucus. “But new evidence shows that our state bank account continues on a downward trend. Our reserve account, which cushions us against any unexpected mid-year revenue drops is dangerously low. Right now there is only $523 million remaining in our reserve fund and it’s expected to drop to only $350 million by next year.”

    Fort said the state’s reserve fund should be $2.6 billion when fully funded and added that the state’s bond rating could be impacted by the diminishing revenue.

    “As the process begins now to develop the state’s 2014 budget, it is critical that we adequately fund education, health care, transportation and public safety. Each of these important areas have seen decreases time and again. Now, our reserve fund is diminishing. All this, while we continue to give hundreds of millions in tax breaks to special interests groups – those who are already posting profits. It’s just not right, it is not fair and it is not wise money management. Everyone should have a fair shot, not just those with the money to pay a lobbying firm,” said Fort.

    Senate Democrats point to a necessary seven percent revenue growth in order to replenish the reserve fund and maintain current budget funding levels.

    “This year, our revenue has grown by only 4.6 percent,” Fort said. “We need to make some changes.”


  7. nonchalant says:

    Jeff M. Get a grip! Flowers only came in to help out DPG through this mess. When the media was charging at the gates, DPG had nobody to fend off the hungry reporters, so she only came over to help out since Eric Gray left. So…what’s your answer…just ignore them?? OK. People like you that throw rocks hide hands and whine constantly without offering any solutions are more of a problem than Flowers ever could be! I hope you take that same energy that you have spreading negativity and work to help Nikema and the all the DPG officers to help bring the party back on track.

  8. Jeff M. says:

    Liz Flowers needs to throw the towel in, too. She is terrible at communications and her press releases are [extremely] embarrassing. Why is she still around? She is part of the problem!

  9. Jill says:

    I’m surprised Flowers isn’t pushing him out the door with both hands. Didn’t he fire her from Carol Porter’s campaign? Why in the hell is she enabling him?

  10. Jules says:

    You know would be nice, if Ms. Flowers in her capacity as Communications Czar would issue a few talking points for the Executive Committee so I don’t have to read a bunch of trash talk in my email every morning.

    But, nah… lets just keep salting the earth, tearing down the people who stood up Like Patsy Harris and David Worley.

    That’s a plan we know works.

    Vacuums by their design suck in a lot of trash.