rainbow-cakeWith all the recent politics of politics “news” here in Georgia, I haven’t had time to post all the activities going on for June Pride. My bad, sorry.

So here goes…

If you don’t know why we celebrate Pride in June, please go to Stonewall 101 TONIGHT! Or watch this.

The White House has a Proclamation.

The Secretary of State has a Proclamation.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed weighs in on the Supreme Court and Marriage.

Here’s a handy list of things you can do in the Metro area.

The LBGT Caucus of the Democratic Party will be volunteering at four different Pride Events. Augusta, Savannah, Black Gay Pride and Atlanta Pride. These are scheduled over the course of several months, so if you miss us in Augusta, join us later at the others. ALL are welcome. Special thanks to the kind folks in Richmond County for sponsoring the Augusta Pride booth, the fine folks in Chatham county for sponsoring and planning the Savannah events and in Atlanta we can only do Black Pride and AtlPride with the support of the Young Democrats of Atlanta, Young Democrats of Georgia, the Fulton County Democratic Party and the many volunteers who work the booths and march in the Parades.

Personal point of privilege, I’m very proud of the LBGT & Ally activists and volunteers all around the state. Unlike many other places we are fortunate to work and play well with all the groups. It makes me so happy that all the organizations support the work of the community regardless of your group identity.  I can’t tell you how sad it makes me to hear of groups viewing others as rivals and poachers. If ever there was a time to band together now would be it. We’ve made progress but not as much as is needed.

Happy Pride all y’all.

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