The-Wizard-of-Oz-1024x746Apparently I was too hasty, and should have waited for “Wonderland” to have two possible three new residents, none named Nunn. Welcome to Oz.

I realize the Republican guys beat me to the punch on “Dr. Rad” and  a Mr.  John F. Coyne, III.

First up, Dr. Rad “says he won’t have any ties to the “machine” that is the Democratic Party of Georgia, which he thinks could allow him to better address the needs of the people, not just those of the party”

What I like so very much about the good doctor is that he doesn’t know us at all, machine?


Most days we can’t agree on if we need to turn purple before we turn blue. Not to mention for the next 60 days, 300+ of us will be inundated by appeals from potential “new” chair of the party candidates spouting all sorts of promises, plans and illusions of greatness.  I could completely understand if he said he was rejecting the DSCC money-becuase that’s a horse of a different color. They in fact have a machine. Bless his heart.

Second contestant, John F. Coyne, III… well he sounds very senatorial already! I’m going to call him “Trip” for short or maybe FEC S4GA11202.

Third Contestant is “thinking about it” and currently training for an Ironman competition. As soon as we can reveal her name, I’ll be a day late and a dollar short. Again.


3 Responses to Hey, look here we’ve already had the Alice in Wonderland post once! Now on to Oz!

  1. Juliana’s tie-in of the DPG State Committee’s impending task to replace the state Party Chair is more than an aside. The linkage of our state Democratic candidacy deficit to the Democratic Party of Georgia is an important and often-missed (or side-stepped) point. While individual campaigns are structurally independent of the Party until at least the moment of nomination (and typically to a great extent still thereafter), the DPG and DNC are the public face off of which the Georgia GOP plays in attempting to dissuade voters from so much as even considering our policy ideas and candidates for office. Until both the label of our brand and then, the organizational and financial strength of it are repaired, potential candidates cannot be expected to marginalize their (and our) effective futures with politically suicidal runs.

    As the DPG State Committee faces the priority task of replacing our Party Chair, those of us seeking restoration of actual Democratic policy success in Georgia hope that members will start from a deeply thoughtful and open-minded foundation about how to get there, rather than recycle old names, traditional and inapplicable plans and dragging internal factional battles.

    – Jeff
    Jeff Anderson for Georgia

    • Gerald says:

      Are you a Democrat today, Jeff? Or is today an independent day, a Libertarian day or a Romneypublican day?

      You change philosophies so often it’s hard to keep up.

  2. Brian says:

    No ties to the Dem. party, I’ve got a suggestion for him, run as an independent or a libertarian. Want to run as a Dem., fine, then own it, be proud. No? I’d rather not even let him qualify. I’ve had enough of that foolishness.