clown-carFor those dear readers who are on Facebook, you may have noticed an explosion of posts on nearly every Democratic Group’s wall over the past few days promoting the candidacy of Keyantwon Stephen for Democratic Party of Georgia Chair.  If you haven’t noticed it, that’s OK, that’s why I’m here!  In addition to announcing his candidacy, Mr Stephens is also hosting Thursday evening “Tele-Townhalls”.  When 6:00 rolled around last night, with dinner in the oven, I thought, “what the heck” let’s see what this fellow has to say.

I called in, in hopes of lurking and listening to Mr Stephens talk extemporaneously about his interests, experience, and qualifications to be the next Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia.  Unfortunately, I was the only one in the Tele-Townhall initially, so I asked some questions.  While not verbatim, here is what I learned.

  • Mr Stephens considers himself a “Classical Liberal”, the likes of Thomas Jefferson and other founders.  As such, his core beliefs are civil rights, limited government and free trade.
  • Yes, Mr Stephens was involved with the Athens Tea Party Group, but he explained that he believes there are many similarities in the core beliefs of the Tea Party and a Classical Liberal like himself.  He was quick to point out that he has always been a Democrat and never hid that from the Tea Party.
  • Mr Stephens has worked on a number of campaigns for Democratic candidates in Georgia and other states.  Candidates including Vernon Jones, Cynthia McKinney, and Representative Hank Johnson.
  • He has done a variety of work with non-profit organizations, including extensive fundraising, particularly with small donors.  He contends that smaller donors are the key to success for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

So those are the basics on Mr Stephens.  When I asked what three issues Democrats should focus on to win, he gave me these three:

  1. Civil rights, specifically LGBT rights.
  2. Fiscal concerns:  eliminating the Central Bank (I presume he means The Federal Reserve); spending cuts; free markets.
  3. Amnesty for Immigrants.

He believes that by focusing on these three issues we will attract Republicans, Independents, and more Democrats.

Props to Mr Stephens for being the first one to step into the ring and share his vision.



3 Responses to Step Right Up! The circus is about to begin.

  1. JMPrince says:

    Anyone who imagines or states that one of the top concerns of Democrats in Ga. should now be ‘the central bank’ or the Federal Reserve in such an unqualified dilettantish manner automatically disqualifies themselves, IMHO. They expose their profound ignorance of the Fed system, how it’s run and why. It’s sounding like a small step and a short hop away from goldbuggery and a foolish, farcical & fantastic demand for a return to ‘hard money’, i.e. the gold standard etc. ‘Classic Liberal’ also covers quite a lot of political territory, without strangely covering many actual people. See 18th & 19th C. history. Ergo his notion of what constitutes Civil Rights might need explaining further. And of course Full Amnesty for immigrants is not on the table or agenda of either D’s or R’s presently. It’s a red herring of sorts. It’s not happening, and very few have ever suggested it. Operationally it’s dead letter, useless hot air.

    Methinks he may give clowns a bad name. Good clowns of all descriptions are always serious about their work, purpose and intentions. The best well know their history too. Just a thought. Thanks for putting the questions to him. JMP

  2. Jill says:

    Is Mr. Stephen old enough to vote? That would have been my first question.

  3. David says:

    Top 3 issues Democrats in Georgia should focus on:
    Jobs, high wage jobs outside of Metro Atlanta in particular