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DPG Chair Candidate Forum – Saturday, August 3

The Democratic Women’s Council, the LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Georgia, the Young Democrats of Georgia, and the 5th Congressional District Caucus invite all State Committee members, Executive Committee members, area elected officials, and interested Democrats to a moderated forum for officially qualified candidates in the upcoming special election for Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia. Please note: This is not an official State Committee meeting.

The forum will be held on Saturday, August 3, at the Georgia State Democratic Headquarters, 763 Trabert Ave, NW, Atlanta, GA. 30318. Meet-n-Greet starts at 10 AM.  Forum begins promptly at10:30 AM and will end at noon.  Moderator for the forum will be  Representative Kathy Ashe. Due to seating limitations, we request RSVP’s be sent to . Seating priority will be given to DPG State Committee and Executive Committee members.

You have an opportunity, and we encourage you, to shape the candidate forum in the race for the next Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Georgia by submitting written questions in advance using the guidelines below.

 Questions may be submitted the following ways:

o   DPG State Committee members are requested to submit questions via email prior to the event. Written questions should be submitted at .

o   DPG State Committee members may also submit written questions during theSaturday registration period prior to the event.

  • The forum moderator will ask the candidate questions.  Time permitting, a limited number of live questions will be accepted from the audience after prepared questions have been concluded.
  • Questions will be pre-screened prior to the forum by the forum committee for appropriateness, duplication, and applicability, and will be addressed to all candidates.
  • Questions must include your name, location and U.S. Congressional District.  Anonymous questions will not be considered.
  • Questions will be divided into three sections:

Internal DPG (Organizational, Fundraising, Staffing)

External DPG (Local, State, National)

Constituency groups and related issues

  • Questions will be combined and asked by topic.
  • Questions should be brief, but specific.  We recommend 25 words or less, about two concise sentences.  Questions should only have one part.
  • Questions should be phrased in a general way so all candidates can respond to them.
  • You are encouraged to submit as many questions as are on your mind.
  • If time permits, candidates will be available after the forum so they may address questions informally.

We are aware interest in this forum will exist throughout the state. We are currently exploring ways to share this forum with as many State Committee members as possible without having to attend in Atlanta.  Details will be provided as they are finalized.

We look forward to your participation at this event.  Despite the challenging times the Democratic Party of Georgia has experienced recently, we remain a strong party through the commitment of its leaders and members. This forum serves as the chance to express that commitment and start a positive journey forward.

For additional information regarding the forum, you may email or call404-234-4029.

Hattie Dorsey, President
Democratic Women’s Council
Jim Taflinger, Chairperson

LGBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Georgia

Kip Carr, 5th Congressional District Chairperson

5th Congressional District Caucus

Steven Golden, President
Young Democrats of Georgia

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  1. Gunner says:

    Whoever came up with the Fresh Hell tag will be bought a beer at the chair election.