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Note: At this writing Tharon Johnson has not declared, but PI reports “he’s still considering”. And as always, this poll is totally unscientific, for entertainment purposes only, and has probably been gamed by an overly enthusiastic candidate who actually thinks this means something. Your mileage may vary.

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34 Responses to Oh what the hell, let’s do a poll

  1. nonchalant says:

    You people who come on here blasting away at Doug and Dubose..well I think y’all got some ‘splainin to do….I think your candidate needs your tender loving care…along with some badly needed therapy…


  2. Dustin says:

    Just my two cents…

    After reviewing the numbers, I think DuBose or Mary would be the best in regards to fundraiser and donor outreach. They both did well in the 2010 Primary.

    I don’t really see Mary as being a team player, especially after the stunts she has pulled in this race.

    I like RJ, he is a really nice guy. However, I wasn’t impressed by his fundraising numbers. I know he ran against Michael Thurmond, but DuBose also ran against Roy Barnes and their numbers are dramatically different.

    I don’t know much about Stoner really. Need to learn more.

    • Ice Tina says:

      Welcome back to the State Committee, Dustin.

      If you are able to speak to former Senator Stoner, you might ask him where he stood on the gay marriage amendment in 2004.

      I realize many minds have changed/evolved since then but it’s worthy of a discussion with him.

      In contrast, while not the biggest same sex marriage supporter, Mayor Reed did not vote for the ss marriage amendment while serving as senator.

      • Dustin says:

        Well, both Stoner and DuBose did vote for the ban. However, I’m realistic of the political realities at the time and hope that both have “evolved” on the issue.

        My main concern now is fundraising and voter engagement. I think, based on our bylaws and platform, we all know where Georgia Democrats stand. However, the person who is in the chair’s position will be most responsible for fundraising and voter engagement.

  3. Lanni Rodriguez says:

    I seriously view Hadley as the “Tea Party guy”.

  4. Clare Boothe Luce Change says:

    So that whole “only a white guy” hubbub, interesting to see who is getting the votes. It ain’t the gal or the black men.

    • nonchalant says:

      Hey ClaireBoothLuceChange,

      you might want to ask the one responsible for tying up the phone lines at DNC with their complaints.

      And when you do, ask them to show you their hands.

  5. nonchalant says:

    WTF, how much are you getting paid to come on BFD and trash Stoner? I’m totally on the fence and really wasn’t even considering him, but seriously dude, you need to dial it down a notch. I still think you’re for Squires or that Tea Party guy.

  6. Clare Boothe Luce Change says:

    Oh goodie, I love mud wrestling…

  7. OhPolitics says:

    Well the games have begun! Just got an anonymous hit on Stoner from Dubose, or possibly Hadley or Squires I guess.

    Apparently Doug voted in some republican primaries in the 90s

    As a Cobb resident, you had to vote in the republican primary during the 90s if you wanted to have any voice in your local politics, All I care is how he voted in the general.

    The guy turned down the republican’s offer to switch parties and keep his senate seat after the repubs gerrymandered his district. I think that proves he is willing to put the party first.

    Just my two cents

  8. Georgette Thaler says:

    Its still early days-so name recognition is no indication of future results. But why in the world would they hold the vote over Labor Day weekend? REALLY!

  9. nonchalant says:

    Ok I count at least 6 votes for Keyantwon, so keep it up..But remember..he still has to get the magic 30 first. And you wanna talk about clowns, Sarah Palin is the clown of clowns, but you’re supporting someone who worships the ground she walks on–so remember when you throw rocks in a certain direction, they will almost always come back at you.

    So…what else you got??

  10. griftdrift says:

    I have exclusive franchise on “Other”

    • Clare Boothe Luce Change says:

      I’m the “none” vote.

      Close the doors, reopen when someone serious can manage it.

  11. nonchalant says:

    I’m convinced that anybody slamming Stoner/Porter/Hadley is really supporting the
    Tea Party guy.

  12. WTF? says:

    What morons are voting Doug Stoner?

    We’d be better off with Berlon than that fool.

    • WTF get a grip says:

      Doug can raise money quickly and doesn’t leave a mountain of debt in his wake. He’ll also have the good sense to stay the hell out of the media.

      • Clare Boothe Luce Change says:

        When folks allude to “mountains of debt” are they referring to the House Caucus debit when Porter ran it? Wasn’t that number upwards of 70K?

        I wonder how much disclosure by candidates and their supporters this election will bring.

        • RiseUp says:

          Wait, isn’t Dubose the reason Berlon got the Chairmanship? Also pretty sure he ran either his or his wife’s campaign. Those clowns are thick as thieves.

        • Anita Moorecock says:

          There’s a lot of things people don’t know about the “debt” the House Caucus was in. But I’ll just throw out this fact:

          DuBose was amongst a small group of House members that put up their own money to secure the debt of the House Caucus. You can’t say that for a lot of people.

          • GaDem215 says:

            I don’t believe the concern with Dubose’s debt stems from his reasoning for needing the money or any collateral put up, but the fact that he has not been able to raise 35,000 dollars over a 4 year period to pay it off. If you cant raise 35,000 its hard to imagine you can raise several million to help the party.

            Dubose has always been known as a nice guy, but he has never been known as someone who could raise money.

            He has not exhibited over his 30+ year career in public service that he has the relationships that are needed to get our state party over the hump. You can talk about theoretical fundraising plans all you want, but the DPG needs a chair that can call 20 people and raise at least half a million dollars, Dubose just isnt that guy.

            • Peaches says:

              Where are you getting this $35,000 number? I’m just curious. Maybe you can slam DuBose for coming in 4th in the Gubernatorial Primary in 2010, but there were contributing factors.

              First, as I’m sure you recall, Roy Barnes jumped in and sucked most of the air (and money), out of the room. What little air was left, Carol Porter consumed with her last minute decision to run for Lt. Governor.

              Every time I walked into Carol Porter’s campaign office, DuBose was making calls for HER. Still, he raised almost $500k for his Gubernatorial bid, and Carol Porter raised almost $700k for her campaign. So this meme about him not being able to raise $35k is bullshit.

              Honestly, if the next Chair makes ONE fundraising call, it will be 100% more than the last guy. Fundraising is important, but it’s not all that’s required.

      • WTF says:

        How much money was wasted on Doug Stoner’s race in 2012 that he was not even taking seriously? Dude did not even have a campaign manager. Had no field plan. His only plan seemed to be 1) soak up as much money as possible 2) make sure a couple of friends get it all.

        He may not leave a mountain of debt in his wake, but the Cobb County party spent a ton of money on him and neglected the rest of the county. Some gambles don’t pay off.

        Doug Stoner was a gamble that did not pay off in 2012, and he’s just another bad bet in 2014.

        • RiseUp says:

          So the better bet would be the guy that came in FOURTH in th gubernatorial primary (Dubose, Google it)? I dunno, I’m asking (and assuming you have some magical (non-existent) candidate that is better than any of the other announced options)…

        • GaDem215 says:

          Or maybe he wants Hadley. Since, Hadley couldn’t raise any money at least he didn’t waste it by WTF’s logic.

          • Peaches says:

            The interesting thing about RJ is that he won his last race, and that should count for something. Quite a lot really.

            • Eddy says:

              I love RJ but a lot of the reason he won was because he was part of a juggernaut slate that basically swept Rockdale elections. I’m not sure that’s really a testament to his political acumen.

        • Melissa Pike says:

          I’d like to know just what other races we neglected? Talking about Cobb means you’re playing in my sandbox and you better be ready with facts and your real name or take it down the road to bitch with the rest of the other Monday morning quarterbacks.

        • Melissa Pike says:

          I’d like to know just what other races we neglected? Talking about Cobb means you’re playing in my sandbox and you better be ready with facts.

          Also better be ready to post under your real name or take it down the road to bitch with the rest of the other Monday morning quarterbacks–ESPECIALLY those who were being paid to be there and not volunteering.

  13. JMPrince says:

    Other what? All Others? Even those mysterious forsaken others? Think hard here man, your future’s at take! JMP

  14. Eddy says:

    I’m taking ownership of other. Eddy 2013.