blog_icon_ass2From my email last evening.

 Dear Georgia Democrat,

I would like to thank you for your willingness to work together, as we rebuild the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Eleanor Roosevelt gave context to strength and working as a team when she said we do not have to become heroes overnight. We just need to take a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, discovering we have the strength to stare it down.

We are doing that together.

As you are aware, I have been in regular contact with our local party leadership as well as national party leaders to help navigate our upcoming special election for party chair. After extensive consultation, I have decided to open this election to any Democrat who chooses to run for the position.

I believe that an open election is more consistent with our fundamental belief of full participation in the political process.

Our state charter and bylaws were created to implement this very process, at a time when women and people of color had been systematically excluded from full participation.  It is that open process that I want to honor.

Our Counsel agrees and has advised me that the provisions of our charter and bylaws that address racial and gender composition of party officers can be interpreted as a goal that is intelligible when all offices are open for election, but do not explicitly apply in a special election for a single position.

I will be directing our Charter and By-Laws Committee to draft appropriate amendments that will clarify the goals of inclusion and establish uniform procedures for filling vacancies in any office at state, county, congressional district, or other level.

Therefore, the Special Election for Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia will be held on Saturday, August 31, 2013. The deadline for declarations of candidacy as outlined in the June 20th election notice will be extended until Wednesday, July 31, 2013. This will provide an opportunity for any Democrat to participate fully in our process.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. I appreciate your commitment to our values, the time and resources you commit to our party and your willingness to work as a team.


Nikema Williams

Interim Chairwoman

Democratic Party of Georgia


Looks like it’s an “All Skate” now.

UPDATE: Tuesday 2:15 pm
Doug Stoner is in, via press release

UPDATE: Wednesday 11:00 AM
R J Hadley is in, via email (on the flip)

UPDATE: Tuesday 5:00pm
DuBose Porter is in.

Madames Chair and Secretary,

Good morning. Please allow this email to serve as my notice of intent to run for Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia for the August 31, 2013 Special Election. Please use my email and mailing address below for all candidate related communication. Just for clarification, I am not required to vacate my current position as DPG 2nd Vice-Chair and will continue to serve the party in that role. Thank you, rj
RJ Hadley
PO Box 83411
Conyers, GA 30013



17 Responses to This Just In….

  1. JMPrince says:

    Unrelated to the topic, but timely as well. Depressions are Depressing. A recurring feature.

    “Wage deflation charts of the day” Felix Salmon notices:

    “The big-picture lesson that NELP draws is that between 2009 and 2012, real median hourly wages fell by 2.8% — and that the poorer you were to start with, the more your wages fell. The top quintile didn’t do well: their wages dropped by 1.8%, in real terms.”

    Yep, it’s happening. JMP

  2. nonchalant says:

    Hey Alice, wise one, tell us who the race is between then? The anti-Obama candidate or the one who according to Andre voted in a few Republican primaries?

    Maybe you’re pushing for Keyantwon, so if that is true, do you really want to have a conversation about wishful thinking?

  3. Alice says:

    The race is between RJ and Dubose? Peaches, what are you smoking? RJ’s support is only in Atlanta and many of the rest of the party simply cannot STAND him. He’s rude and crass,doesn’t know how to work with others, and can’t raise money. Maybe its just wishful thinking on your part

  4. nonchalant says:

    One can only wonder if all the urgent calls to the DNC will simply stop now that everybody can now run for DPG Chair. I’ll also maintain that we should be cautious whenever people raise questions about process and decide whether or not those concerns are intended to divert attention away from some of their curious actions.

  5. JMPrince says:

    I don’t know. Under my objective Mass Appeal Index (TM) it’s a close call. But it really does look like that I might get to sign up to 3 intents to run too. Oh boy! JMP

  6. Peaches says:

    DuBose Porter should do very well. He checks off several key boxes. At this point, the race comes down to RJ and DuBose.

  7. Gerald says:

    So glad to see RJ Hadley is in. He has been a true leader for the DPG over the last two years and will be a great state chair.

    Doug Stoner is such a joke, after he screwed up his 2012 campaign as bad as he did it’s embarrassing for him to show his face. Maybe when he repays all the money that was wasted on trying to save him in 2012 he deserves consideration, but until then, sit on the sidelines DINO Doug.

  8. Mellissa says:

    These rules were intended to address the systemic racism and sexism which exist in our party’s politics and not to compel bigotry. When rules clearly demonstrate prejudice and intolerance, it is our responsibility not to simply follow them blindly adhering to rules for rules sake. That is absurd, and precisely our criticism of republican dogma. We as progressive minded party members, must seek principled solutions to our party’s blunders. Granted this is one of our toughest struggles, but struggle we must if we except progress.

  9. Clare Boothe Luce Change says:

    WTF the election is on Labor Day weekend, ah no bitches I ain’t coming to that.

  10. Julianal says:

    I think JM is really onto something…

    Why don’t we have background checks for the Chair candidates?

    Criminal, financial, psychological?

  11. JMPrince says:

    I’m going to suggest again a full psychiatric evaluation from each candidate as a start, and then some high stakes poker to settle any close calls. But fun times as long as the liquor holds out.

    In other shocking news on the week, Lucky Charms are gay.

    Indeed. All your cartoon cereal characters & ‘spokes-toons’ may be gay. Think about it. JMP

  12. Julianal says:

    Well, I ain’t going to stop you…..

  13. Brandon T says:

    Oh! Juliana, Ill make sure and bring a batch with boozed whipped topping. Sound good?

  14. Brandon T says:

    Aren’t all elections jello-shot worthy?

  15. Julianal says:

    Since the election has moved out, and I’ll now be in town, I have to consider if this is a jello-shot worthy election.

  16. Ice Tina says:

    no way Stoner can win now.

  17. Tim says:

    blech, though props to Nikema for tackling this. Someone better start making the Jello shots now.