Congratulations to DuBose Porter, the new Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

According to Liz Flowers, first ballot results were Porter 125, Stoner 92, Hadley 32.  Second ballot results being Porter 147, Stoner 88.

The DPG has been through a lot over the last couple of years, and I’m glad to see that the State Committee made the right choice today for Chair.

With people like DuBose Porter, Nikema Williams, RJ Hadley and Steve Golden leading the way, I’m sure you can rebuild the party and wish you nothing but the best.

Oh, and if you’re not sick of Twitter links yet, here’s one more that you should really be following.


6 Responses to Congratulations to DuBose Porter

  1. Juliana says:

    Suffice to say, I lost a bet with Sally over the number of folks I thought would actually show up. She was right, and while it was heartening to see 250+ folks there, ready and willing to get back to the work of the party, I did miss seeing some former staff members like Trevor, Ansley, Eddie and Dylan.

    • Hope those 250+ folks continue to be active, Chairman Porter is going to need their support, their effort, and their money. Hopefully everyone in that room understands that 1 day does not excuse you from the other 364.

      And yes, I miss seeing Ansley, Eddie, Dylan and a couple other former DPG staffers too… other former DPG staffers, not so much.

  2. Gunner says:

    The spirit of Trevor was alive and well in that room yesterday as we passed out Yellow Dog Club sign up sheets. Thanks for the hard work you put into this party. Michigan is lucky to hav you.

    • Peaches says:

      Every time someone mentions the YellowDog club, I think of Trevor. It was a fun day Trev, sorry you weren’t there to share it.

      • I’m glad to know the Yellow Dog Club is still being promoted to the state committee (although I’m sure still not enough of them have joined.) It would have never existed without committed people like Catherine. I hope it’s able to return to the height it was at in February 2012, and hopefully it will surpass that point!

  3. JMPrince says:

    The Twitter avatar shows one of those mythological 2 headed beasts there Trev. How do we know it’s really you? (I mean other than the description?) And one of those heads is/was ~10 times more mercurial than the other. Discuss. JMP