Steve Golden, the President of the Young Democrats of Georgia and member of the DPG Executive Committee, has endorsed DuBose Porter to be the next Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

An e-mail from Mr. Golden follows:


Since I became involved with politics in the state of Georgia, DuBose Porter has been one of my closest friends and most valued mentors.  Even before I held any leadership position within the party, DuBose would frequently talk to me, asking for my opinion and answering my questions about the ins and outs of leading the House Democratic Caucus.

DuBose has been an active leader in the Democratic Party of Georgia for over thirty years, and continued to serve in such a capacity even after leaving the State House.  When he was no longer an elected official, DuBose Porter did not abandon the Democratic Party, but instead he redoubled his efforts and became a representative to the Democratic National Committee.

DuBose is also a proven fundraiser with the experience to lead.  His roots in Georgia are deep, and he is unquestionably one of the most well-respected political figures — Democrat or Republican — in all corners of our great state.

This is why I am proud to offer my endorsement and my vote to my friend, DuBose Porter, to be the next Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

DuBose is a kind and caring man.  As Georgia Democrats we have an awesome opportunity before us. But we can only capitalize on that opportunity if we set aside our differences for the common goal of winning elections. DuBose has pulled together Democrats — rural and urban, gay and straight, young and old, and of every hue — for more than 30 years. He’s done it before; he’ll do it again.

We as a party must rise above any internal bickering, and must join together to rebuild from the ground up.  The time to lead is now, and I believe the person to lead is my good friend DuBose Porter.

Democratically yours,

Steve Golden
President, Young Democrats of Georgia

4 Responses to Steve Golden endorses DuBose Porter for DPG Chair

  1. JMPrince says:

    The number of good people who’ve already left the ‘operational’ part of the DPG due to sheer exhaustion and worse is sadly astonishing to few. When asked about my preferences on the matter I’ve suggested not wholly facetiously some long dead Civil war generals of note. Sadly most of them were Republicans. Great leaders are born and found everywhere. The best know their limitations. But at least we’ll all be together, participating in the effort. And failing that? There’s always Sprayberry’s BBQ too. JMP

  2. Augusta Wind says:

    Sweet baby Jesus on a breadstick.. more elections and more meetings full of hot air.

    Hell if we did nothing but make buttons in Newnan it would be more productive.

    I suppose it’s an “important time in our party” but can this be f-ing it with the drama for awhile.

    RJ or DuBose.. they are both decent men without overly complicated agendas.

  3. Peaches says:

    Good call Steve. I’ll be voting for DuBose too. No matter who wins, I wish them the best of luck and success, but this will be the last DPG election I participate in. I’ve had enough, thank you. Onward and upward.

  4. Christie Hufstedler Boyd says:

    Dubose Porter is a man of principle and a man who can lead our party back to the prominence we once enjoyed. Dubose will build consensus in our party that has been so sorely missing in our state party for the last few years.

    I appreciated his leadership in his work for the last 30 years.