skinny-enchiladas-skinny-margaritasHappy Hour is always fun.  Even on a Tuesday. Last night I joined a group of fun-loving guys and gals.  As is expected in my circles these days, politics was discussed.  Here are some thoughts that came up…

In Georgia, we won’t be expanding Medicaid… 

But, it’s more likely for you to contract HIV/AIDS.

What exactly does “self-sufficient families” mean?

Not that she’s listening, but I would much rather Steen Miles step into the Governor’s race.

And, how about a whole slate of women for state-wide office in 2014? One may be in.

And, not the least important question.  Enchiladas: corn or wheat tortillas?



4 Responses to Wednesday Open Thread – The Hangover Edition

  1. JMPrince says:

    OK how about this thought:

    “We need to face the fact that government cannot and should not do everything. Instead, we should cultivate More self-sufficient families and strong communities”.

    Again something we can almost recall Bill Clinton saying too. But the operative phrase there is ‘political novice’, and that’s true enough. Needs to develop some sea legs for the nuances and tone of the debate certainly. IMHO. JMP

  2. Jules says:

    Given Ms. Nunn’s very public leadership in one of the largest volunteer organizations helping communities and people, “self sufficient families” is a truly baffling comment.

    Isn’t her signature resume item built on the idea that community can come together to make large and small changes that would directly impact “families’ and a communities?

    This sounds like a very DC based talking point that was tested by over paid Beltway Bandits, and frankly nothing like the woman I was lead to believe she is.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    It’s Deal’s that’s being bullied by the Tea Party, not Georgia by the feds. I’m sticking with my prediction that movement toward expanding Medicaid in Georgia will be underway a year from now. Perry in Texas is already working on getting additional Medicaid without it being Obamacare.