dpnw83113So, just over a week ago the Democratic Party of Georgia elected a new chair to fill out the term of Mike Berlon, who resigned several months ago.  Our new Chair, Dubose Porter, is now getting situated at the Trabert HQ.  I extend my congratulations to Chair Porter!

It was so refreshing to feel the renewed interest in the party at last weeks meeting.  New faces from across the state were on hand to join with party regulars to bring energy and commitment to the party.  While the process may seem clunky and frustrating at times, it is these steps that allow everyone to feel their votes and contributions are valued.

There is no doubt that the campaigns leading up to the election were not without drama.  However,  I am confident that we all left Newnan last Saturday with the hope and commitment necessary for us to work together for the Democratic Party and, most importantly to put the drama behind us and dedicate our time to engaging voters and getting Democrats elected across the state.

To that end, I have reached out to several of my friends who supported candidates other than Dubose Porter.  In these few conversations, I have learned that they are as devoted as I am to the work ahead.  It’s not a easy path, we have much work ahead!

Whatever your bailiwick may be, I hope you will all make time each week or month to move our party forward.  Whether it’s registering voters, helping out a Democratic candidate, participating in your county party activities, or talking to friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors about the importance of electing Democrats, all these activities are important to our combined efforts.





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