photo-9There is going to be a review of the ballots.  It is permitted and it will occur.

Let’s clear up a few things.

  • The signed ballots did not REPLACE a roll-call vote.  Nor was it a departure from protocol.  It is our version of a roll-call vote.  Due to time and fear of voter intimidation, we have used this method for at least the last decade during which I have been participating in Democratic Party of Georgia elections.  It wasn’t a secret that the election would be held this way.  The initial announcement of the Special Election clearly outlined the voting process.
  • A simple review of the ballots is not a step towards challenging the vote.   Our elections are public and results are too.  There will be no threats of hit lists, smoke-filled room negotiations, or challenges to a settled election.
  • The election is over.  We voted by acclamation to accept Dubose Porter as our new chair.  That isn’t going to change by a simple review of the ballots.

I am a member of the four-person Election Committee that oversaw the 8/31 election.  We had observers selected by the three candidates on hand in the counting rooms.  We compared each ballot to the registration rosters.  We had a clear process to count and tabulate the results.  We counted each ballot EIGHT TIMES. The results were clear.  There were fewer than ten ballots in question.  Several were counted, several were not.  All observers and Election Committee members agreed with the decisions. I am 100% confident that the results are accurate and legitimate.

How about this – if you are tempted to continue to draw this out – instead, talk to a neighbor, co-worker, brother, sister, mother, or friend about why you are  a Democrat.  Or, take a look at your finances and determine how much you can give to the party or a candidate to help move us….



31 Responses to Forward

  1. JMPrince says:

    “Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA), who’s running for Senate in Georgia, complained that while his staff can jump to K Street and make $500,000 a year by lobbying, he’s “stuck” in Congress making a bare $172,000 a year”.

    The sads, they continue everywhere. JMP

  2. JoeRational says:

    At the risk of playing the Pollyanna (also not my real name), I have never been happier to be on the “losing side” of an election. DuBose is a fine GA Dem who will continue to do great things for the Party. I don’t care who sees my vote, I knew it was available for viewing when I cast it.
    There are plenty of games for everyone to play here and elsewhere. I like to play now and then, and try not to judge too harshly when others want to play while I don’t feel like it. People who I like and don’t like do things I like and don’t like. It’s a big world. Damn, it’s tough being an adult sometimes.
    While being involved in politics gives me a sense I can somehow help with life and death issues, I know politics are not life and death.
    Now get out there and have some fun and oh yeah elect some Dems.

  3. Brian says:

    Bad idea, but hey…

  4. Daniel Fullerton says:

    After reading this thread I imagine that I am one of several folks who could easily be mistaken for ‘nastyoldman.’ Although usually the actual term used is ‘curmudgeon.’ I simply wanted to be clear that I wasn’t this particular instance of grumpiness, potential elder wisdom, or masculinity. Thanks. 🙂

  5. griftdrift says:

    I’ve been suitably shamed into using my real name.

  6. Ming Vauze says:

    I really wish that instead of folks coming here to shame people for attempting to get the story straight, they’d make an effort to not end up in the press in the first place.

    Clearly the AJC story didn’t need to be written, the interested parties all knew what was going on. Hell I knew about it a week ago. But there wasn’t anything to say until the Mayor made it a story.

    As far as I can tell no one on the SC or at the HQ has that much clout. Except the Mayor.

    It’s in no one’s interest to see this perpetuated, and yet here it is 11:04 pm and several Democratic FB groups have 40+ comments, my email is still being ping’d and forget chats -I logged off midday.

    As Catherine said, it’s hard to say what generates interest in our circles. Frankly blaming anyone for this “news” is cheap and childish.

    The toothpaste isn’t going back in the tube as much as it would be tidy for some if it could.

    I think the Mayor gravely miscalculated on August 31st, and again with the insistence on a ballot review. Doesn’t he have like 100 media advisors? Well they’re not serving him well this week.

    Spare me the pearl clutching that “Republican’s see this” really is that the best anyone’s got? Christ on cracker, we show them ours, they show us theirs. This is not a police state, and the internet is still free.

    • Liz Flowers says:


      Thank you for using your real name.

      I work with reporters every day. That said, I know whom has spoken with whom and what was said.

      The Mayor didn’t miscalculate and neither did the Senate and House Leaders. Back up from what you think you know via gossip.

      It’s time to start thinking like a full team.

      And this “pearl clutching” gal is about to come at a whole bunch of y’all like a spider monkey. Push me and see what happens. I’m about tired of this nonsense. Been saving up. Get with the Democratic program. Period.

      Peace and love,


      • nastyoldman says:

        Liz, if you think that the Mayor didn’t miscalculate, you might want to reevaluate. He’s lost a lot of votes, and if he thinks he’s got a clear path to statewide office anymore, he’s very, very wrong.

        I know of a list of people who changed their votes because of Mayor Reed’s actions at the election. I know about 15 more (myself included) that have lost respect for Kasim Reed due to his subsequent actions, and who will not be voting for him this year.

        Don’t tell me to get with the program when Kasim Reed can’t get with it himself. Mayor Reed is not King Kasim. He should stop acting like it.

      • Spider Monkey says:


        Please stop using me and my fine species in this stupid fight.

        We are smart, adorable and loyal.

        Jury is out on you.

        • Liz Flowers says:

          LOL. I love spider monkeys!

          Should be no jury out on me — been around pol for more than 20 years.

          But if you need resume, holla.

        • Liz Flowers says:

          Is Spider Monkey Steve Golden?

          • JMPrince says:

            NB: Adorable though they may be, spider monkeys can indeed be quite volatile & nasty. Long ago experience related to ORNL research tells me that.

            And hey, I’d be pretty satisfied with some semblance of functional mediocrity on the long slow road to greatness too.

            But by my count there was what? All of 4(?) net votes difference between the 1st ballot & the 2nd. So no matter how you might want to do the math? It’s not going to change the outcome & people know that, (or should). And ‘hit lists’? What are they going to do to you? Send you to deepest darkest Ga.? The AfPak frontier with just a slingshot & a straight razor? Geez. I got an earful on the ATL VA problems from our Vets last night. That might kill you quick. KR? Much less so. JMP

          • Steve Golden says:

            Spider Monkey is not me. As honored as I am for you to think that I’ve been in politics for over 20 years, that would have gotten me involved circa age 5.

  7. Liz Flowers says:

    Over the course of many years, I have not posted here – though I’ve been called out many times. Sometimes I’ve been chastised here for bad writing and at other times I’ve been called out for whispering in the ears of elected leaders. I don’t really care about that – I know who I am and what I do.

    I’ve decided to post tonight, out of many others (reminds me of how we begin Passover) to remind Democrats that our fight is not within.

    It is time for us to understand that we are multi-layered and multi-faceted. One person does not lead us; we are a party of many with many skills. Our greatest strength (and /sometimes weakness) is our diversity.

    We have some with the gift of speaking. We have others with the gift of fundraising. Others have the gift of gathering. It is important to understand the picture is bigger than we alone can imagine – people have different relationships. And those relationships should be respected in order to make us whole.

    We all know the voting demographics moving forward. But if we are to capitalize and succeed in those numbers, we must pull together as a team.

    The boogers and ‘haints do not lie within. There’s no re-vote. There’s no challenge.
    I hope this site, which is viewed by the GOP, will become less of a Democratic gossip column and more of a rallying cry for Democrats across this state. We are the loyal opposition; it is our responsibility to hold the Majority accountable.

    Our enemy is the individual who opposes Medicaid Expansion. The enemy is the person who strips a woman from her right to choose when and if to become a mother. The enemy is the person who strips a working Georgian from benefits they have paid.

    We are a party of openness and transparency. Our ballots are open. Let’s show the voters of this state that is who we are. Let’s move Georgia onward, upward and Forward!

    • CatherineAtlanta says:

      Thanks for your comments, Liz. I believe that if one were to review the vast number of posts on this site over the past 9+ years one would find many more promoting candidates, announcing events, criticizing Republicans and right-wing values, than pushing gossip of any sort.

      As you know, and we should all know, we cannot control what gets attention or what draws comments.

      All this is to say that our goal is to move progressive values forward, but we will call out those pulling us back, Democrats or Republicans.

      • Liz Flowers says:

        Catherine – I like using real names, my friend. Thank you. BFD has the opportunity for greatness; utilize it.

        There are a few Dems who may not be on the side of greatness. However, those pulling us back are not those recently in the press. We must remember some have different relationships. I have friends, for example, from my LA days who are major national donors. They are asking ‘what’s going on in Georgia?’ What am I supposed to tell them? The truth? A spin? Hold on to your cash till 2018?

        People have relationships far beyond our state. I’m just a drop in the pond. Let’s figure this out. It’s bigger than each individual. Team Georgia.

    • nastyoldman says:

      Liz, I want to get to work. But Like I said to John above, there is a very real question why Kasim Reed wants to see these ballots. I’ll give you a hint: “because I can” is not a very good, or truthful, reason.

      • Liz Flowers says:

        No, nasty old man — please use your real name.

        It’s not about the Mayor. There are several ballot review requests. The Mayor made the media because he’s the mayor. We all need an exercise in media, fundraising and the truth behind the naval gazing.

        We have a party chairman. Period. Now, let’s all get with the program.

        • Liz Flowers says:

          There’s no hit list; a myth perpetrated from within. Ergo my post. Stop with the craziness, brother or sister, Old Man.

          This is a kumbaya. Ain’t if you can’t get with the program than STFU. There are multiple Dem leaders; not one.

          Feel the love.

          • nastyoldman says:

            Sorry, not going to happen. I have been threatened. And like I asked above, I am asking a very legitimate question: why?

            I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

            I have the right to ask why just as much as you have the right to pointlessly malign me for asking it. Because, fact is, that I have yet to hear a legitimate reason for why anyone needs to “review” ballots. If you have one, tell me. Because my ass isn’t going to kumbaya until we find out why.

            Oh, and for the record, there is a hit list. Let’s not be naive. I can tell you some of the names on it already.

  8. It still doesn’t explain why the mayor, via his proxy Mr. Sterling, is so anxious to have that “review” of the ballots. Why do they need such a viewing of the ballots, if not to compile a list of names that they can then… heck, I don’t know what they do with such a list! I’m, thankfully, not a DPG operative or a member. And stunts like this hardly encourage me to become one either. Or send any money.

  9. johnanthony says:

    Why this was worthy of ajc press is shameful. There was enough negativity before the election but now the election is over, a chair was selected, lets move on and stop tearing other democrats down.

    • nastyoldman says:

      John, I agree. But the question still remains:

      Why inspect the ballots?

      It’s a real and legitimate question. Honestly, between us girls, it reeks of intimidation. It smells like somebody wants to find out who voted for whom in an effort to discredit and drive a wedge between people.

      So, under that assumption, why shouldn’t this see the light of day? If someone wants to engage in divisive tactics like intimidation, why should we not call that out, from within?

      There are still many questions yet to be answered, but I thank Catherine for making clear how the process occurred on August 31.

  10. Peaches says:

    Just catching up on all this. I bet your phone blew up today, along with about 30 others. I’m puzzled, but understand it’s their right to examine the ballots. We can only hope it stops there.

  11. Stephanie Webbs says:

    Seriously? This is ridiculous, a waste of time and very divisive.