sexy-legs-by-Tiago-RibeiroCan I just say how much I’m loving the news of State School Super! John Barge’s announcement he’s running for…


No that’s not right, because my SPELL CHECK tells me so.

It’s Gubnor right?

No that’s not it either.. hold on let me look at how this guy spells it.

Moving on….

Congressional Debate on Syria is so important, it almost interrupted Sen. McCain’s video poker game. Almost.

NYC Mayoral Candidates weigh on on the pesky pussy problem. Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s not what you think. Voter Guide here. See what I mean about “legs”.

Rick Perry, 1861 called it wants it’s “States Rights” slogan back.

And then there’s old Ralph Hudgens, who’s picture was in at least 30 news articles and all over FB this weekend. It’s almost like someone wrote a script for him, and he got to give this special performance but possibly forgot that some folk in the room might have a half smart phone and record it. 

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6 Responses to Political Stories that have legs

  1. Peaches says:

    Barge’s campaign slogan is, wait for it, “Georgia Deserves Better.”

  2. JMPrince says:

    Yep, and Barge hails from Bartow Co. too. Some folks are justly proud of him.

    And Cats. Here’s Thomas Edison presaging the internet by about 100 years:
    That was filmed in the ‘Black Maria’ one of the earliest movie studios. I’ve been in it. (So were most school kids from ‘Jersey, back in the day).

    Ronald H. Coase, Founding Scholar in Law and Economics, 1910-2013, has died in Chicago. He was the oldest living Nobelist at the time @ 102. “Ronald H. Coase helped create the field of law and economics, through groundbreaking scholarship that earned him the 1991 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics and through his far-reaching influence as a journal editor”. He was the last of the ‘classical’ economists still alive & working. He did it all w/o resorting to too much math, and published his last book last year: , “How China Became Capitalist”. An intellectual and almost immortal giant with his own theorem named for himself for posterity.