911_mem_inscriptionsTwelve years later and still  Stevie Wonder singing this on the Tribute to Heroes Special brings tears to my eyes.

I may be naive, but I am all for giving diplomacy a chance.

Some bad news, some good news, for liberals, progressives, or whatever they call me these days.

Oh, Michelle, you’re winning me over.

It’s going to be tricky to boycott Molex.  They’re everywhere.  Not just in iPhones.



One Response to Wednesday Open Thread

  1. Jules says:

    The NYC election yesterday was wild and woolly!

    Looks like the sex scandals of Weiner and Spitzer were voted to go away aka they both lost, but the fun doesn’t end there, Weiner shot photographers the middle finger as he left is watch party. Good Grief what does that bright wife of his see in him?