Georgia VoterThe Politicians:

Unsurprisingly President Obama endorses Atlanta Mayor Reed. Please note I said Atlanta Mayor, not “The Mayor of Georgia”.

Former Governor Barnes endorses Ted Terry for Mayor of Clarkston.

Former Mayor of Atlanta Shirley Franklin endorses Andre Dickens for City Council Post 3, if you haven’t heard about  this street fight, you must be living under a rock in Allatoona.  Andre’s complete endorsement list here.

Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams endorses Andre Dickens for Atlanta City Council Post 3.

Congressman Lewis endorses Council Member Aaron Watson for Atlanta City Council Post 2, Rep. Lewis joins the following elected, and former officials to endorse Aaron Watson. Former Mayor and U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young, State Senator Jason Carter, Mayor Kasim Reed, Fulton County Commissioner Emma Darnell, Fulton County Commissioner Joan Garner, Former Governor Roy Barnes, Former Mayor Sam Massell, Former City Council President Cathy Woolard.


The North Georgia Labor Council endorses City Council Member Aaron Watson Post 2.

Atlanta’s International Brotherhood of Police Officers – Local 623 Endorse candidate Andre Dickens Atlanta City Council Post 3.

Atlanta Professional Firefighters – IAFF Local 134 Endorse candidate Andre Dickens Atlanta City Council Post 3.

Communication Workers of America – AFL-CIO/ Local 3204Endorse candidate Andre Dickens Atlanta City Council Post 3.

Note to Labor people, if you’re proud of your endorsements you might want to bring them out into the big bright light of the internet. I’m not digging 5 pages into a google search to find them. Consequently, no link love for you.

The Business People:

Better Community Political Action Committee (Buckhead Coalition) endorses Council Member Aaron Watson Post 2.

Atlanta Board of Realtors &  Atlanta Board of Commercial Realtors endorse Council Member Aaron Watson Post 2. All ABR & ABCR PAC  endorsements here and here.

Committee for Better Atlanta Candidate Scores here. I actually found this very helpful and insightful, as in who didn’t show up and who scored poorly.

The Gays:

Georgia Stonewall Democrats Endorsements here.

Georgia Equality Endorsements and ratings here. Yes, they do both.

Georgia Log Cabin Republicans endorse Mary Norwood. Trust me on this one. No link since they didn’t post it on their own *cough* circa 1998 website.

The Unexpected:

Friend of this blog, Charlie Harper weights in over at Peach Pundit in support of Atlanta Mayor Reed, Council Member Aaron Watson and Member Felicia Moore.

The Newspapers:

Oh wait.  Does the fish wrapper do this anymore?  Bueller?  Bueller?


I can’t even with the School Board races. Twenty six folks running.. I’mma going to say, see you all in the runoffs!

I’m sure I’ve missed a slew of them, candidates, consultants, pr flacks have at it the comments.

6 Responses to City of Atlanta Election Endorsement-Pallooza

  1. Dee Turner says:

    Aaron Watson may be competent, but he never showed it while he was on the Atlanta School Board or while on City Council. All he does is rubber stamp Mayor Reed’s proposals. Hopefully Mary Norwood will beat him out. Andre Dickens looks promising and Felicia Moore is so ethical that she should consider running for Mayor in the future.

  2. CL’s endorsements for mayor, Atlanta City Council, and Atlanta Public Schools come out on Thursday. Last I heard, the AJC is still not endorsing.

    • ire says:

      Nope, AJC stopped it in (I believe) ’10 or ’11. I think its because they don’t have enough researchers to vet the candidates, don’t want to stick their necks out which makes sense. They said it was because “you are smart enough to sort out the issues, you don’t need us.” That was probably 70% verbatim.

      • Juliana says:

        Ed, I’m sure you are correct, but this is so very vexing because, aren’ t they the ones to cover them? Wouldn’t the AJC be in a position to judge the elected officials on their merits?

        I’m an average Jane but I’m the one who has to wade through this crap to figure it out.. Honestly people, go for it, first name on the ballot is your choice.

        • ire says:

          well it is the editorial board that endorses candidates, not the reporters but yeah… perhaps. I dunno, I think overall the point of endorsements from newspapers is a little silly but at the same time I do like some independent reference.

    • Juliana says:

      Thanks Thomas, I’ll check this Thursday and edit the post.