“…never seen so many volunteers in a campaign headquarters this early in a race.”

Michelle Nunn for Georgia

Friend —

There’s no doubt about it — Michelle Nunn has the most enthusiastic supporters I’ve ever seen in Georgia, and I’m proud to be working with you as Michelle’s campaign manager.

More than a year from the election, our office is already humming with committed volunteers, and thousands more have signed up to volunteer online. Small contributions are coming in every day from all over the state as folks like you step up to help us build this grassroots campaign.

And you know what? It’s working. Observers across the state are really taking notice of our momentum. And press reports are streaming in about Michelle’s strength in the race. Just this week, the Savannah Morning News ran a piece with the headline “Michelle Nunn’s stock is rising,” arguing that our campaign has the momentum in the race.

We need to keep that momentum going. Will you contribute $10 or more today to help us keep Michelle’s campaign running strong?

We can’t afford to let up. We have had incredible success — from the strong numbers in recent polls, to the incredible $1.7 million raised in just ten weeks. But we need to demonstrate our continued strength this quarter to build the momentum. The dollars we raise will help us define our candidacy and not be defined by outside special interests. The dollars will help us invest in building the grassroots support and mobilizing voters.

So, it’s up to folks like you and me to make sure we keep our campaign strong.

Will you contribute $10 or more today to help us keep Michelle’s campaign running strong?

The truth is, it’s not just Michelle’s stock that’s rising — it’s everyone’s who believes that Washington can learn some lessons from folks here in Georgia about how to come together and get things done.

Michelle’s success in this campaign so far is all thanks to our army of grassroots supporters. Thanks for pitching in today to help keep it up.


Jeff DiSantis
Campaign Manager
Nunn for Senate