The Good:

Andre Dickens wins, and so does Shirley Franklin & Cathy Woolard. Note to all, don’t mess with these two women.

Mary Norwood wins, and I could not be more pleased that she will be a thorn in peoples sides at City Hall. That is not sarcasm.

Friend of this Blog, Wendy Davis wins in Rome! I’m thrilled about this, she’s eminently capable and remarkable. I have no doubt she will serve the city she loves with distinction.

Red sneaker wearing DFI Rockstar Ted Terry wins his election to become Mayor of Clarkston.

The Bad:

No one I know that lives in Atlanta voted for THE Mayor.  Oh they voted, don’t misunderstand me, but they either skipped him, voted for one of his competitors or wrote in Hillary Clinton’s name.  It was true confessions last night, sort of  like being at  a AA meeting. “Hi, my name is Mary, I’m a Atlanta Democrat but couldn’t bring myself to vote for Mayor Reed” and the rest of the table responded; “Hi, Mary you are in good company”.

Voting machine “gliches” around Atlanta. Some machines not plugged in, polls that opened late, wrong names on ballots. Maybe everyones “angergy “(anger+energy) at the ACA website could be turned to the Fulton Elections Board and the SoS lets get this sorted out toot-sweet. Or better yet, how about we  just change the law and have us all vote early regionally or vote by mail like they do in Washington State or both. Seriously, this system is expensive and ridiculously labor intensive.

The Ugly:

Voter Turnout(green scroll bar)

Clean it up!



3 Responses to About last night…

  1. JMPrince says:

    More Postscripts & Truths generally not acknowledged or forgotten: On Choice? Bet on the men.


  2. Tim Cairl says:

    A lot of good news for the future of our state came out of Tuesday night! Awesomeness

  3. So glad to see Wendy get elected in Rome!