jason_carterGo Jason Go!

News sources, Facebook, and email are abuzz this morning with the exclusive AJC announcement that State Senator Jason Carter has thrown his hat into the 2014 Georgia Governor’s race.  Rumors abound, the most significant being that Former State Senator and current Governor candidate, Connie Stokes, will switch her efforts to a campaign for Lieutenant Governor.  We’ll update if that announcement comes.

43 years ago, in 1970, Jason’s grandfather, Jimmy Carter, was elected Governor of Georgia.  His gubernatorial service is often credited to his presidential win  in 1976.  Jason Carter is quick to say that his campaign for Governor is about Georgia’s future, not about his family.

“We can’t wait as a state,” said Jason Carter, who plans to formally announce his candidacy Thursday. “The bottom line is we can’t afford four more years of an economy that’s not working for the middle class and an education system that’s underfunded. It’s not about politics. It’s about making sure we can get the state that we need.”

It should be interesting to see if the campaigns of Michelle Nunn and Jason Carter play up the their pedigree during the campaigns.  Imagine a photo op with the Carter’s and Nunn’s.  Father, grandfather, daughter, grandson.

Jason is a hardworking and enthusiastic fellow with a history of public service.  Let’s hope his energy and enthusiasm are enough to prevail against the Republicans running.

UPDATE:  Connie Stokes announced earlier that she will be running as Lieutenant Governor alongside Jason Carter.  Jason’s website is live now, so go right over there and make a contribution.  This is going to be an expensive campaign season – get started now!  I did.


2 Responses to And… Jason Carter jumps into the Governor’s Race!

  1. Jason Adams says:

    Jason’s gotta stick together.

  2. Jen B. says:

    Sign me up for button-making.