weasel-word-liarI might use all of them to describe how I feel about THE Mayor of Georgia’s recent comments about the upcoming Governors race.

Let’s clear this up right now Batgurl™ is no fan of hizzoner. So, if you are one of his many drooling toady fan boys please stop reading now.

It only gets worse from here.

Trust me.

Dear Mayor Reed,

We need to talk.

In the last few months you’ve made Batgurl™ very displeased. Let’s review why.

Your “frosty” comment was ill timed, my friend, ill timed. Wasn’t that quip like a minute after your 48 hour long inauguration-palooza? Had exhaustion from the adulation caused your complete collapse and all diplomacy failed you? To say Senator Carter didn’t support you is a gross understatement and you sir are a ungracious jerkSen. Carter’s name appears as a Host on high dollar fundraisers for you like 50 times! Also, didn’t your team ask him to do about a 1 million robo calls on behalf of your city council slate?  Why yes, Sen. Carter did robo calls on behalf of Watson and Muhammed. As far as I’m concerned that’s support, and you could have been grateful and not grouchy as you sailed to victory.

Its clear that you’re irritated that Sen. Carter is running for Governor. Bad luck with the election timing, but YOU wanted to be THE Mayor again, didn’t you? I know it will be tough in 2018, because dang if your old BFF Barry at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave won’t be around, he’ll be off with Bill in Hawaii or Geneva collecting awards and crashing Sasha’s dates. Gosh and those Hillary folks, bitter kittens they are, still be hold a grudge from 2007.  Well, there’s always Uncle Joe, but I think we can all agree he’s a liability in the Peach state. I guess you’ll have to ask some of your Mayor friends to come help you.

I’m still cranky over your comments in the Spring when you endorsed the incumbent Republican Governor , at the time I just thought you’d overdosed on your allergy medicines. Honestly the bromance with Gov. Deal is just kind of creepy.

Or, perhaps this was all an elaborate con and you really wanted to do Senator Carter a big-giant-sloppy-wet-kiss-on-the-lips of a favor.  Maybe you already knew that Republicans are not that into you, and won’t cross over because you ask. Hey, look at that you knowing the “Southern Way” folks all super nice to you when you are in the room and once you step out, dang if they’re not throwing some serious shade. Is that it? Come on you can tell Batgurl™  I’ll forgive you.

Sigh, if it wasn’t hoax and you said these peevish things on purpose, you still did him a favor because it’a long ride to Valdosta if you’re going to be a sour sulky pouty passenger. No one has time for that.

In the end I doubt the 1.7 million Democratic voters in Georgia are going to turn their backs on Sen Carter just because you aren’t on his “bandwagon”.  Mr. Mayor, lets make a deal, how about you focus on fixing Atlanta’s crime and keeping the Falcons in the city (possibly same thing, it’s not called the National Felon League for nothing) and don’t muss your pretty head  jumping up on any bandwagons. It’s cool, we’re all good without you.

Oh and another thing- can you please correct the fools, I mean your overly energetic supporters from calling you “the Mayor of Georgia” or worse the “highest ranking Democrat in the state”. That nonsense is simply ego run amuck. You are the NON PARTISAN Mayor of our largest city who happens to be a Democrat. The “Highest Ranking Democrat” in Georgia is still former President Carter. Ironic, no. After that it’s all living Democratic Senators, then Congresspeople, Ambassadors, Constitutional officers on down the line. How this breach of etiquette happened I’ll never figure out. Thanks Obama.

I hope we can still be friends.

Democratically yours,


FWIW: Batgurl™ regrets if this post may reflect on Sen. Carter. It’s only my observation about the ever shorting political future of the Mayor. He has every ability to turn this around if he choses to. Hell if he’d just go back to the 2008 Senator version it would be a vast improvement.


3 Responses to 32 Synonyms for Petulant

  1. Peaches says:

    That weasel always scares me.

  2. Rubyduby says:

    Does this mean I can’t call him the Mayor of Georgia anymore? Because when I say it, I mean it in a snotty, condescending way.

  3. Georgette says:

    The Mayor got a key to the Deal playbook I am afraid..he showed himself at the last State Committee meeting..it wasn’t pretty