Posted last evening, we learn of Chairman DuBose Porter’s selection of Rebecca as the ED of the DPG. Welcome Rebecca, we have every confidence in you. I  look forward to working with you to make a difference in Georgia, both in our party and for the Georgia citizens who desperately need Georgia to do better.

Ms. DeHart’s accomplishments and bio speak for themselves. She’s well known, well liked and has a deep understanding of the Georgia Political landscape. Which, I dare say, is bad news to some folks who might have been hoping for an “out of stater” to run their usual scams on. You know who you are.

*While the gig isn’t “official” till the full Executive Committee  votes this evening (Tuesday) I expect they will confirm his selection. I noticed some confusion about this on FB, since the release did not come from the DPG, but rather  from Galloway.

The process of hiring an ED isn’t just a matter of a search and offer, the Chair must get the approval of the Executive Committee to confirm the selection. Briefly, the Executive Committee has an oversight role in this hire and the actions of the Chair.

The Chair is directly elected by the 300 ish members of the State Committee, they also elect some members of the Executive Committee, but not all.  The Exec Committee is a rambling list with a few folks serving in multiple capacities, which makes the counting tricky. It consists of: Chair-Tres (7) DNC members (8), Congressional District Chairs (14), our Democratic Congress people (5), appointed elected officials, ex officio, affiliated organization Presidents, appointments ….well you get the idea. Last time I counted, it was around 40+ people.

Do I care if I’m wrong about that number, no. I think you all get the point that it’s not a nimble group capable of turns on a dime. Oh sure back in the day this was “necessary” to give folks titles and a stake in the party.  However at present, it’s ridiculously burdensome and unwieldy group that even when we desperately needed them to act in 2012, they were blocked by a truculent chair.

That said, I can’t imagine anyone having a issue with confirming Ms. DeHart. Instead they’ll crab and moan that “they” didn’t get to put “their ” candidate forward, were “out of the loop”,  upset to see it in the AJC first, and then want to discuss something not on the agenda.  Folks who were upset to see it in the AJC first is valid, and whatever can be done about how that happened needs to be addressed.


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