Congressman Paul Broun is back in the newsagain, and not for anything MENSA related.

Speaking of MENSA candidates, you can’t mail meth to the pokey.

Throw me a bone people, your 2002 retro newsletter is bad. Happy New Year, it’s 2014 and this is useful. See the difference.

Lighten up Prince. Seriously, you can’t control everything or every dime, you’re not Disney after all.

The Mayor of Sochi says they have no gays, so what the problem? Uh er..then who is hanging out at your gay bars?

Speaking of the Gayz the #CheerstoSochi hack is just getting started, and it’s going to leave a mark.

I’m all down with same sex marriage, but this had a serious mid 70’s Rev. Moon feel to it. By Rev. Moon I mean,  Madonna. Gurl please stop with the surgery.

The Netflix movie about Mitt Romney only gets half  of an eye roll.  I watched it so you don’t have to.  Review after the flip.

I found it interesting and if the goal was to portray him as a affable smart guy it did the trick. However why wasn’t released in some form before the 2012 Convention? Surely he could have used it.
That said, it was an odd film in the sense that it was filmed during all of the 2008 & 2012 campaigns, but it only superficially touches on the gritty reality surrounding the politics of those years.

I’m a pretty hardcore political nerd, and I gotta think thats who they expect to watch this movie a year and a half after the election. But unlike political candidate-tainment such as the two films about Pres. Obama and Game Change, “Mitt” is edited as if six years and two nasty primaries are happening at arms length. His CM is shown only once, his advisors all appear to be related to him. I didn’t think it was possible to run a Presidential campaign and apparently have no connection with staff, strategy or influential operatives.

People like me are going to notice the events and circumstances that are missing or too breezily touched on while sitting on sofas in hotel rooms with your whole family by your side. In the end it just looked like a Romney family movie. A very attractive family movie, but odd.

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