You know we aren’t fans of sending money out of Georgia, but sometimes we make an exception. Here is such a case. The amazing Wendy Davis is running for Governor of Texas and she’ll be in Atlanta this Wednesday for a fundraising event. For those who can afford it, here’s the info, courtesy of Georgia’s Wendy Davis.


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2 Responses to Wendy Davis for Governor

  1. Juliana says:

    Chris, I sort of agree… except their rising american electorate seems to be far more engaged and active than ours.

    While we technically we could be doing better, in actual fact we’ve failed at developing the infrastructure around the state to launch viable candidates.

    We’re literally only planning 6 weeks out at best, and have been for some years. My friends in TX have a lot more going on in the grassroots and organizations than I see here.

  2. Chris says:

    Romney 57.17% Obama 41.38%
    Romney 53.30% Obama 45.48%

    Texas is literally where Georgia was in 2004, yet we barely have the hype that Texas had in 2004. Georgia is so much closer – I don’t think Wendy Davis has a chance at all. I would really stick to the Georgia rule on this one, more than others.