Hey, look at that we’ve got a few bucks!

The Democratic Party of Georgia reported raising more than $181,000 on the Federal report during the month of December, with more than $216,000 cash on hand. Combined with Non-federal figures released earlier this month, Georgia Democrats have entered 2014 with more than $404,000 cash on hand.

The State Committee of the Democratic Party is meeting on Saturday to elect someone to fill the unexpired DNC term Chairman Porter is vacating to focus on leading the party.  Here are the Candidates, here is the meeting information:

The February 8 Special Election for National Committee Member (DNC Member) will be held at the IBEW Local 613, located at 501 Pulliam St SW #250, Atlanta, GA 30312. Registration for the election will begin at noon, and the body will convene promptly at 12:30 pm. 

One ballot people, one damn ballot.

I think it’s fair to point out how the GA GOP  has failed at “THE” primary function of government, protecting it’s citizens.

Sen. Isakson said it would “take a perfect storm” to elect a Democrat statewide, truer words may not of been spoken.  However I don’t think he actually meant #ClusterFlake2014 or that it’s name would be Leon, but we’ll take it.


One Response to Georgia Democratic Party News

  1. Phil Lunney says:

    I do very much like your Medicaid Expansion calendar. But to fight the GOP on the Medicaid Expansion issue, I feel like we need a ‘funding chart’ for 2014 (remainder), 2015, 2016 for the flow of cash to our healthcare providers, hospitals, etc.

    To my mind, the State of Georgia cannot fund medical needs of the population and all the Republicans say is “we can’t afford it”.

    So, we need to show the GOP that Georgia ‘can afford it’ and even that Georgia cannot fund the medical needs of our citizens without it.

    If we accept the Medicaid Expansion, we will need medical science and technicians which can fill the classes around the state at the Technical Colleges with the 2.0 Hope Grant extensions and in turn, these folks will become taxpayers within 2 years in most cases.

    It is time for us to put it on paper.