The Republicans seem to have their hands full with a number of problematic bills and elected officials littering the legislatures and creating all sorts of unpleasant press droppings.  Some are witty and some not so much.

Lets take a quick look at the “rebranding” targets to see how things as going shall we.

Rebranding with the women folk:

Not good.

Georgia ladies be mad.

Go home your drunk.

Rebranding with the football booster clubs, wait thats not a thing? 

Rushing the passer huh that’s not what this means, I’m so confused.

Boycotts have consequences, expensive ones.

Rebranding with medical community? 

Cavities on the rise bless his heart he’s the only name on this bill awww <sad trombone>

X-Rays of dead people on FB as a winning Senate campaign strategy, oh I think not.

Sick people? No future with them.

Rebranding with the rising American/Georgia Electorate?  You know who I mean, “those people”

It’s always fun to mess with Voting Rights!

They don’t need no stinking license or ID

Rebranding with LBGT community.. oh hell y’all were NEVER doing that! *gigglesnort*

Gay Republicans puzzle me.

What does AZ, OK, GA, VA, IN, TN, ID & Maine have in common.. well this.

Republican Poster Children or as I like to call them, “equal opportunity cringe worthy Representatives of your brand”

Ted Nugent is not helping anyone is he?

Le sigh Rep. Broun, le sigh

Finally this, a special delivery of home grown crazy (part 2) Clean up on isle 22.


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