rulings-tom-falseSenator Josh McKoon has been touting SB 377 as needed to assure that Catholic and other religious institutions are not forced to perform abortions in order to comply with Affordable Care Act requirements.  Of course, we all know that is ridiculous, but he just keeps on saying it.  Enter Politifact Georgia.  Politifact Georgia has rated Senator McKoon’s claims and gives it a FALSE!  Here’s what they had to say:

McKoon said he wants Georgia to become the latest state to have a religious freedom law on the books. But our fact check looked specifically at his comment that his bill would create a law that would serve as  “another tool in the tool kit of those who are fighting on the Obamacare front — Catholic health institutions who are being asked to provide abortion services, that sort of thing.”

We don’t see that he has made that case.

We rate his statement False.

Georgia ranks worst in the USA for maternal mortality.  Hospitals are closing.  Hundreds of thousands of Georgians still lack health care.  Now is not the time to be limiting women’s access to health care.  Call your Senator today and tell her or him to vote against SB 377 if it comes up on Monday.


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