Only three hours to go before 2014 Qualifying is closed for this election cycle.

Couple unpleasant re-matches in the making, I’m looking at you Lucas and Paris. Why don’t you both surprise us all and keep it above board this go round.  Oh that’s right, my bad clearly I’ve been hitting the maryj oil again.

The “Street Committee” has been reporting various shenanigans at the Capitol, but not much is being reported in the counties. Anyone have anything to report from the hinterlands?

I can’t help thinking that we’re about to see the return of the “ghosts of campaigns past”, so it might be useful to clean up some of your google searches. Just saying.

I’m already sick of most of your press releases. Because when you say “economy”, “education” and “transportation” all I think is,  get a new tune, you’ve lost on all those issues before. How about you speak to something you can do something about.

Comments not moderated, go for it.


8 Responses to Qualifying Open Thread

  1. Matt says:

    I noticed that Elene Parent is running for Jason Carter’s seat.

  2. Matt says:

    Is the SoS’s website not working for anyone else. I keep getting some error message regarding a database. Is that a problem on their end or mine?

  3. MsBitch says:

    After listening to Mr. Big Talker Don Wilson go on about running in the 11th with a giant bag of money he boasted about, I don’t see that he’s qualified.

  4. Kate Fowler says:

    So, near as I can tell MR Long has not qualified for anything. However, his wife has qualified to run against Simone Bell in House District 58.

    And in other news, 6. Count them 6! Women Democrats are running for State School Superintendent. SIX? Oy vey.

  5. BatGurl says:

    Ralph Long has spent the entire afternoon trolling websites, twitter and Facebook “defending” his behavior.

    Dude, everyone has your number, and no one is going to call you.

  6. Kate Fowler says:

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta ain’t got nothing on the School Superintendent race. I’m thinking some DFI fines will be coming out there.

  7. Kate Fowler says:

    We’re all on pins and needles wondering just WHAT Ralph Long might end up running for. He really should keep his powder dry, it’s awfully early to be throwin’ down.