I have never been one who blindly believes in incumbency protection, just because the individual is an incumbent.  Phrased differently, I believe that there are some Democrats who do not deserve to be re-elected, and who (frankly) need to be removed from office, swiftly and diligently.  I believe you need to earn your keep- by voting right, by being loyal to your fellow Democrats, and by putting yourself on the line for the betterment of Georgia.

Senator Nan Orrock is probably one of the most deserving individuals of our praise, money, volunteer hours, and love.  Senator Orrock has been a stalwart in the Senate for years now, and she has never let up.  She’s outspoken, and man oh man is she a fighter.  When we say we need more women in politics, we mean more women like Nan Orrock.  WIN List deservedly has made Sen. Orrock a poster child of sorts, and I would buy that poster.

And then there are folks like Valencia Stovall.  I don’t know Representative Stovall, probably because she is in her first term.  But I hope it’s her last.  I’m frankly not 100% sure of her voting record.  Nor do I know what she is like amongst other members of the House Caucus.  But I can’t imagine she’s well loved.  Because of stunts like this.

In case you can’t see the site, or don’t want to give her any more traffic, Representative Stovall has a sister- Angela Stovall- who is running for office.  Against Nan Orrock.  And, in what I can only assume is an unprecedented move, Valencia Stovall is basically launching a joint campaign with her sister (who, again, is running against Nan Orrock).  So basically all I can hear is Rep. Stovall (a WIN List endorsed candidate in 2012) spitting in the eye of her colleague, Senator Orrock.  And I know I’m not alone.

Valencia Stovall has two challengers this cycle- both former Representatives themselves.  I hope one of them wins.  Because when you spend your time as a sitting State Representative actively trying to take down one of the most effective, outspoken, and amazing State Senators just so that your kin can have some fun at the Gold Dome, neither of you deserve a seat at the table.


2 Responses to There are Some Democrats…

  1. no says:

    In no genuine sense of the word is nan an effective member of the legislature. And that’s partly by design.

    Also please tell me that was poor phrasing and you aren’t truly saying party trumps family.

  2. Ice Tina says:

    A HAPPY FACE on your campaign literature/logo…

    Oh, no you are a non serious candidate, and need to step off.

    Dang, I wouldn’t put a happy face on a 7th grade class president’s handwritten poster.