rainbow-cakeTen years ago Georgia voters shamefully passed a Constitutional Amendment banning same sex marriage – Thanks Ken Mehlman. At that time Republicans needed a scary issue to mobilize the religious right in the 2004 elections.

It worked, kind of. 

Today however, the Marriage part of that Amendment has been challenged with a Class-Action lawsuit helped by attorneys from Lambda Legal and the law firms of Bryan Cave and White & Case. I find it interesting that some of the more “political” firms are not involved in the suit.  Reading through various articles,  unless the Northern District decides to drop everything, a ruling on this is a couple years off.

Meanwhile progressive minded folks can continue to fight for our sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, parents and friends by electing people this year who will move the “gay agenda” forward when it comes to public accommodation, employment non discrimination and health care. We need everyone to continue to fight against this nonsense.

Complete story here  at the always timely and informative GA Voice.

{UPDATED}   follow up with the plaintiffs.



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