Yesterday, BatGurl received an e-mail from a certain United States Senate candidate that merits a bit of discussion.  Namely, a few things about this email struck me as a bit wrong, and perhaps indicative of why this particular Senate candidate isn’t exactly serious.

1) I received the emails (for whatever inexplicable reason, I got four copies) between 11:00 pm and 11:45 pm.  At night.  Anyone who has sentient thoughts that you never send out a mass email so late, because the open rate is beyond terrible.  Oh, and you piss literally everyone off when their phone pings at bedtime.

2) The particular e-mail contained a picture of a certain also-ran Senate candidate with First Lady Rosalynn Carter, and discussed something the First Lady said at a local party meeting.  But it left me with the distinct impression that Mrs. Carter was tacitly endorsing this campaign- something that literally anyone knows to be untrue.

If you send out a mass email with a picture of you and an individual, you had best be sure that said individual is a supporter of yours, or else you’re committing a major no-no.

Bonus 3) If you want to be taken seriously as a United States Senate Candidate, then you should not apparently spend large portions of your day trolling Facebook, looking for opportunities to inject yourself into some random person’s social media musings.  Dude.  You’re running for Senate.  Whether you like it or not, it’s something that requires tens of millions of dollars.  If you spend an iota of time on Facebook, commenting and liking statuses, you don’t get it.


2 Responses to How Not to E-Mail

  1. Matt says:

    I am intrigued as to who this is.

  2. Ice Tina says:

    I think I got the email you are discussing.

    I’m mystified at what has happened to this candidate. Petty and catty. It’s just not a good look on anyone.