The Good

A packed ballroom in Columbus for the Young Democrats of Georgia’s annual Convention this past Saturday. So much positive energy in the room with smart interesting people speaking and watching many of my friends getting well deserved awards. VERY GOOD.

Tonight is the first night of Passover and an excellent time to discuss what modern slavery looks like. Former President Carter breaks it down for you in his 28th book. Want additional progressive resources to discuss? Go here and here.  Not attending a seder tonight, thats ok these are relevant for you gentiles as well.

The full set of Atlanta natives OutKast Coachella reunion posted here. Nice.

Cosmo goes full on support of Reproductive Rights. Not a moment too soon.

The Bad

Anecdotes are not data. I repeat, anecdotes are not data.

$700,000 Ethics fine to be paid for by the Georgia Taxpayers. #ThanksNathanDeal

If the shoe fits.

The Ugly

Jenny McCarthy. The stupid and ugly, it burns.


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  1. Ice Tina says:

    “I’m only willing to be kicked in the ass once,” Williams said. “A lot of Cobb County politics has been taken over by the Tea Party, and being a member of the Tea Party doesn’t equal having an IQ.” – See more at: