Most of the dust has settled, and it looks like we know where everyone will be.  Here’s what the field looks like:

US Senate

In a result that shocked literally nobody, Michelle Nunn is the Democratic nominee, with over 75% of the vote.  At present, Steen Miles is in second, with Todd Robinson in third, though that could change.  What won’t change, though, is that Dr. Rad came in last with less than 4% of the vote.

Based on recent polls, nobody should be shocked that the Republican runoff will be between David Perdue and Jack Kingston.  My Republican sources tell me that most institutional support will go behind Jack Kingston.  Evidently, many Republicans don’t like an individual perpetuating the narrative that he’s a successful businessman when he’s, well, not.


John Barge Wins!  Nah, there’s nothing to see here.  Moving along…

School Superintendent

On the Democratic side, as expected, the race is between Valarie Wilson and Alisha Thomas Morgan.  Based off what I hear, I’d expect most, if not all, of the unsuccessful candidates to back Wilson, given that more than a few of them reportedly entered the race to provide a contrast to Rep. Morgan.  What that means for the runoff, I do not know.

On the Republican side, the only important thing to note is that Ashley Bell lost.  Mike Buck and Richard Woods, neither of whom I know a damned thing about, will be in the runoff.  I can only expect that they both are terrible.

The Rest of the Democratic Ballot

Doreen Carter will be the SOS nominee, Liz Johnson will be the Insurance Commissioner nominee, and the rest were unopposed.

The Rest of the Republican Ballot

Is terrible.  Moving on…

US Representative

In CD-01, the Republican runoff will be between Buddy Carter and Bob Johnson.  Democrats will choose between Amy Tavio and Brian Reese.  Interestingly, the Democratic candidates each got nearly the same amount of votes, which I wish I could analyze, but I have no idea what it means.

In CD-02, Republican Greg Duke beat carpetbagger Vivian Childs for the right to be walloped by Sanford Bishop in November.

In CD-04, Hank Johnson fended off an ugly challenge from Tom Brown, who most recently could be found lying.

In CD-05, John Lewis is still awesome.

In CD-10, Jody Hice will face Mike Collins in the runoff.  Jody Hice, for those of you wondering, is a total douchebag.

In CD-11, the Republican runoff will pit Barry Loudermilk against Bob Barr (not again).  Democrats didn’t field a candidate.

In CD-12, Rick Allen will face John Barrow in November.  Can anyone say “outside spending?”

State Senate

Don Balfour, thankfully, has failed to make the runoff in SD-09.  Mike Beaudreau will face P.K. Martin in the runoff, to take on Democrat Tim Swiney in November.

John F. Kennedy will be the next State Senator from District 18.  Except he’s a Republican.  This is the part where I make a joke about how he’s no Jack Kennedy.

In SD-33, Michael Rhett took out longtime Senator Steve Thompson.

Valencia Seay easily fended off a challenge in SD-34, as did Horacena Tate in SD-38 and Gail Davenport in SD-44.

Nan Orrock stomped on her opponent in SD-36, and you’re damn right if you guessed that I voted for her.  And had a yard sign.  And Nanvassed.

In SD-42, Elena Parent emerged from a bruising primary.  She’ll have the pleasure of taking on some dude in November.

State House

David Ralston won.  Anyone shocked?

With nearly all precincts reporting, Sam is no Moore.  Wes Cantrell and Meagan Biello will face each other to figure out who gets to represent HD-22.

In a victory for the concept of sanity, Bert Reeves also defeated Charles Gregory in HD-34.  No word on how Matt feels about this victory.

Our good friend David Wilkerson took out an opponent who was funded by out of state Republican interests, who evidently feel that his support of public schools just isn’t plain capitalist enough.

Simone Bell defeated her opponent in HD-58. <Insert joke about Ralph Long threatening Simone Bell here>.

Mike Jacobs lives to fight another day.  Drat.

Michele Henson and Coach Williams fended off their primary challengers, as did Dee Dawkins-Haigler.

In District 105, Tim Hur was not victorious.  I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear about this race.

In Middle Georgia, Nikki Randall and James Beverly defeated their challengers.

In HD-147, incumbent Willie Talton fell to Heath Clark.  I really don’t know what to make of this race; Willie Talton was the only African-American Republican in the State House, and Heath Clark is white.

Incumbent Rep. Carol Fullerton is in a runoff with Darrel Ealum in HD-153.  I’m wondering if this is the same Darrel Ealum that ran as a “Conservative Republican” for State House in the past.

Other Notable Races

Jane Barwick wins her race for Superior Court Judge in the Atlanta Circuit.

Teresa Tomlinson wins re-election as Mayor of Columbus.

Ex-Sen. Hardie Davis wins the Augusta Mayor’s race.


4 Responses to Primary Election Wrap-Up

  1. Jen B. says:

    On the Republican side, the only important thing to note is that Ashley Bell lost.


    Jane Barwick wins her race for Superior Court Judge in the Atlanta Circuit.

    Not true. Barwick and Robertson are in a run-off.

  2. Ice Tina says:

    The 11th had a big time talking, colossally useless individual (D) tell literally everyone he was running then mysteriously failed to qualify. Now claims to be running as a Independent. I am not holding my breath.

    I other news Dr. Rad lives in the 11th District.. Which everyone knew 4 months ago.

    Make of it what you will but them Republicans in Cherokee are never going to vote for a Democrat no matter what falls out of those guys mouths.

  3. griftdrift says:

    CD-11 is a good example of “run somebody” even though it’s probably a lost cause. Chances are high that either Loudermilk or Barr will say something GALACTICALLY stupid. You never know when lightning will strike.

    • Jen B. says:

      Agreed. There are plenty of Dems and moderate Republicans in the 11th that *could* tip the scales depending on what happens.