By this point, most of you know that I have moved out of state to pursue an LL.M. in Bankruptcy Law.  Earlier this morning, I sent this letter out to the Georgia Democratic Masses, informing them I am going the way of Trevor Southerland, and thus stepping down from my responsibilities as President of Young Democrats of Georgia.

I’m excited to be passing the reins to my good friend Corey T. Boone, and will continue to blog here, when I can, especially now that I am far less restricted in what I can say.

My letter after the jump.

Dear Fellow Democrats,

As many of you know, I am relocating to New York City to pursue an advanced law degree in hopes of reaching my career goals. Over a year ago, when I was first elected President of Young Democrats of Georgia, this was something that was not even remotely on my radar; at that point in my life, it looked as if Georgia would remain my home for many years to come. But this opportunity arose, and for myself and my future family, I had to seize it.

The past two months have been ones of major reflection. When I first joined Young Democrats of Georgia six years ago, I wanted to become part of a storied organization with a history of success. Under Jason, Jane, and Louis, those successes continued, and more great things came to YDG. I was honored to be entrusted with the reins last April, and I do believe that this organization has done great things since then as well.

My loyalties are, and always will be, with Young Democrats of Georgia. For that reason, I know that, to ensure the continued success of the organization, I must step aside as President earlier than expected. Therefore, I will be resigning the Presidency of Young Democrats of Georgia effective July 1, 2014. Simply put, it would be unfair to the organization for its President to be located in another state.

I write this letter some time in advance on purpose. The next few months will be a transition of leadership and knowledge, and I know that my successor, Corey T. Boone, will not only be an able, but an exceptional President. In my time working with Corey, I have become a better leader myself, and with him at the reins, Young Democrats of Georgia will become an even greater organization. I encourage folks to contact Corey to get to know a dynamic Democratic leader at

Though I will have left Young Democrats of Georgia in an official capacity, I have told Corey that I will remain of service to him and to YDG in any way he or anyone else needs. I truly love Young Democrats of Georgia, its members, and all of the lifelong friends I have met along the way. I will always be a short call, text, or e-mail away, and I look forward to continuing to be involved in YDG and Georgia politics during this next chapter.


One Response to The End of An Era

  1. Juliana says:

    Steve, you will be missed. GA’s loss is NY’s gain FOR NOW!