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DISTRICT 38 state Rep. David Wilkerson (D-Austell) has written interim Cobb school Superintendent Chris Ragsdale and the school board asking it to investigate one of its members, David Morgan, for violating the board’s Code of Ethics by lobbying at the state Capitol in favor of school vouchers. Morgan is a paid lobbyist for school-choice group American Federation for Children.

“It deeply troubled me when I saw a Cobb County School Board member lobbying at the state capitol by advocating for additional state funds to be used for private school scholarships, rather than helping close the budget shortfalls that we were facing at the time,” Wilkerson writes.

“While the actions by this board member do not appear to violate any conflicts of interest as outlined by Cobb County Schools, I fully believe that this is a violation of the Code of Ethics. …

“When students were facing fewer days at school, reduced bus service, and other draconian cuts, it was clear to me that it was the responsibility of every board member to fight for every dollar they can to protect the students in their school system, not ensuring that additional state dollars go to private schools.”

Wilkerson also noted to AT that the American Federation for Children had plowed $20,000 in donations into Connie Taylor’s primary race against him. But Wilkerson was the winner with 61 percent of the vote.


I added the links to the organizations, since the MDJ failed to do so.

Board Member Morgan’s contact information at the Cobb County School Board  just in case you’d like to reach out.
David Morgan – Post 3
dmorgan.boardmember@cobbk12.org | 404-702-1857

David Morgan’s other job is just as interesting * cough *
DMorganforschools@gmail.com | 404-803-9975

3 Responses to Well someone had to say it.

  1. Georgette T says:

    The” fun” never ends with these people who believe they are untouchable as a School Board Member..did this man take an oath to act in concert with the rest of the School Board or think he is ok to act on his own..Cobb has been through this before, as has Cherokee which is almost finally done with its convicted(of course now appealing her conviction) board member who has been removed by the courts as well as found guilty of ethics violations while on the CCSD…Ugh

  2. Matt says:

    Is there any relation between David Morgan and Alisha Thomas-Morgan?