icon_thumbs_downSeriously, who is this guy? Has anyone met him, been interviewed by him, read his other work? No, well then why should I read this article?  Apart from the cheap predicable alliteration in the title, what is he actually saying that hasn’t been said by a busload of ignorant others?

I’m going to stress the word ignorant because clearly he doesn’t understand that the two political parties in this country have legal responsibilities entwined in almost every partisan election. Therefore some operational structure has to remain in the South. We’re not India or the UK, we don’t have a multi party system that Southern Democrats can throw in with. In fact Georgia has the most restrictive ballot access laws in the country. For that very reason we only have two parties. I give the Libertarians a 10 on the difficulty scale for navigating the onerous amount of rules to qualify a few folks each cycle, by this morons standards they too should give up.

I could point out that by “dumping” us, he’s potentially “dumping” several states who are literal gold mines for cash and volunteers. The giant sucking sound you hear every even numbered year in spring, summer and fall is when money starts flying north. In 2008 the “South” Sent $45 million dollars to Senator Barack Obama’s campaign, just slightly less in 2012. I would argue that OFA had already abandoned the south, apart from NC & Florida. however that said I know hundreds of people who traveled from Georgia to work in VA, NC & Florida.

This guy was clearly never in sales, because if he was he’d see the “South” as a huge opportunity, much the same way that the GOP saw NJ, PA, OH and IL.  They didn’t throw in the towel after a half dozen losses, instead they retooled and targeted races within those states for pickups. Smart & Strategic that ought to be our mantra instead of circular firing squads.

As I write this post, I see that FiveThirtyEight  has weighed in. I’m inclined to give Harry the last word, but instead I’ll leave it to Senator John Blutarsky

“What? Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”



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