icon_flaming_mailDear Jess McIntoshVice President of Communications,

I am in receipt of your recent email, titled “Defunding Planned Parenthood”.

If I’m honest, normally I would have deleted this message bulk fashion a month from now since they’ve become so very tiresome, always the same one note, one tune. But in this case I decided to find out how you are planning to righteously stand with our sisters in the struggle.

I might have raised my fist a little at the thought.

Imagine my shock when all it turned out to be was yet another fundraising pitch for your organization. I felt like Ralphie and the Ovaltine decoder ring.

Disappointed and sad might cover it initially, but then the more I looked at the email, the insipid donation request, the completely insincere “solidarity” language, the ugly graphic, the stupid fake “forward” it all filled me such an unquenchable rage that I can’t concentrate on typing.

Raising money off  RWNJ sabotage and treachery directed at of one of the few places women and men can be helped in a nonjudgemental and compassionate manner, have you no shame!  All for the low price of $3.00, what are you Better Georgia?  Three dollars, is the stupidest amount of money ever. I remember the days when Emily’s List didn’t get out of bed for less than a $250.oo ask.

You realize that Planned Parenthood isn’t raising money off this situation. If anyone should be raising money of the nefarious antics of the extremists it would be them, right?

Go back to the drawing board ladies.

Well maybe not exactly the subtle tone of “shade” after all.



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