whatsnextFor those of us who’ve been observers and erstwhile participants in the Georgia Progressive Community we still have work to do. For me, I’ll attempt to reclaim a tiny piece of the vast “inter webs” by blogging here, encouraging local organizing and highlighting groups doing meaningful work.

Many members of the original BfD community have found fame, fortune and opportunities outside of the state. We love them, but miss them keenly during boring meetings, dull speeches, reheated and stale events. Others are still in Georgia but functioning in capacities that preclude them from political blogging. Perhaps from time to time we can encourage them to chime in on issues dear to their hearts.

Georgia’s political community continues to be quite small, and sometimes it feels like it gets smaller with each election cycle. By “political community” I exclude all Facebook groups. If this election cycle proved anything it was Facebook is by far the worst tool in organizing and community engagement since MoveOn.  The shocking amounts of ignorance and stupidity seemed to be on a endless loop. Most days it was like drinking from the Flint municipal water hose.

Instead of engaging with all the crazy there, I’m going to drop an assortment of musings and information here. I’m also actively looking for folks who have a point of view, a snarky soul, a few minutes to share their part of the action and join us. Let me know if you might be interested. Email me at juliana.illari {at}gmail.com

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One Response to What’s Next?

  1. Trevor Southerland says:

    Miss most of you guys.

    Others… not so much.