On Sunday, I received the sad news that General David Poythress had passed away. I had the honor of working with General Poythress, his wife Elizabeth, and several other wonderful people on his 2010 primary campaign for Governor of Georgia. I can say of General Poythress the highest praise I know to give a man, and that is to say that he was a good and honest man. I know his wife Elizabeth and his family will miss him dearly.

I first met David Poythress on a winter morning in 2008 at the Silver Skillet. By that point, he had served as Georgia’s Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, Secretary of State, Commissioner of Labor and as the Adjutant General of the Georgia National Guard. In 1998, he had run for Governor in the Democratic primary and lost to Roy Barnes. On that morning in the winter of 2008, Gen. Poythress, having recently finished his time as Adjutant General, was looking to take one more shot at Governor in 2010. His career had already been accomplished — yet, here he was at the Silver Skillet, asking a younger version of me, having just finished my time as Communications Director for Georgia Students for Barack Obama and various other smaller political roles prior to that, for advice on how campaigns had changed in the previous decade. He truly understood leadership, making tough decisions and knowing the burden of doing so — but yet, he always sought advice and counsel because he knew that true leadership involved making the most informed decision possible.

I worked for David Poythress for nearly the next two years, until the 2010 campaign fell short in the primary, again to Roy Barnes. That election cycle was a meaningful one for me… I got married, I bought my first house and I lost my dad among many other things. David and Elizabeth were there, they were kind and understanding. I will always value and appreciate my time with the General, as I know anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him will.

He was a good and honest man and he is already missed.


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