Recently received this from the Tip Line.  Since the Senate has delayed the vote while Sen. McCain recovers, seems as good a time as any to keep the conversation going.

Also, if you haven’t called your US Senator about the proposed bill-now would be a jolly good time.

Sen. Johnny Isakson DC Office Tel: (202) 224-3643

Sen. David Perdue  DC Office Tel: (202) 224-3521

We need to stop discussing government healthcare solutions in a fantasy world. A market-based solution must include incentives to carry insurance when it is not perceived as needed. And the best incentive to buy health insurance in a pure free market system would be to be denied care without it.

So, it follows that if we really want a pure market-based solution, then we must accept suffering and dead Americans as part of those basic market forces. It is clear, however, that such outcomes are not desirable to the American people.

So the logical follow on for that would be a universal health care system that covers everyone. But we cannot have a single-payer-for-all system without discussing across-the-board tax increases. The inevitable conclusion is that we are in desperate need of an honest conversation about non-pure-market solutions.

I can’t wait to see the comments.



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