Hang on; let me see if I have this right- a person who lost the DPG Vice Chair race in 2007, the chair race in 2013, a State Senate seat in 2012, and barely won a 2015 Smyrna City Council seat by 14 votes, and has served a little over 2 years is now running for PSC?

There are two other Democrats in this race, former State Rep. John Noel and business executive Lindy Miller- for the love of G-d chose one of these Democrats instead.

Bless your heart, Doug bless



2 Responses to Hard No

  1. Note: This is a different seat (Post 4, Cobb and West GA) than the one John Noel and Lindy Miller are running for (Post 3, Atlanta). Doug Stoner is running against Republican operative and soon-to-be-dubbed “incumbent” Tricia Pridemore, already sitting on fat stacks of utility cash. Here’s a look at the PSC campaign finance picture, which contains a major surprise. http://bit.ly/2Bl2XW7

  2. TrumpsucksPutinsDick says:

    Isn’t his biggest cheerleader a man who defended the corrupt former CEO of Cobb EMC? So, no I think it’s a pisspoor idea for them to have anything to do with the PSC.