Hang on; let me see if I have this right- a person who lost the DPG Vice Chair race in 2007, the chair race in 2013, a State Senate seat in 2012, and barely won a 2015 Smyrna City Council seat by 14 votes, and has served a little over 2 years is now running for PSC?

There are two other Democrats in this race, former State Rep. John Noel and business executive Lindy Miller- for the love of G-d chose one of these Democrats instead.

Bless your heart, Doug bless




Dear candidates, would be candidates, elected officials and campaign staff,

I love you, but some of you have forgotten some very basic social constructs. A couple of you have been spotted engaging in what I’d term less than graceful behavior.

Campaign season is now a 12 month a year spectator sport, referees are self appointed, someone is always running & raising, social media is unforgiving, and the political world is much smaller than you can even imagine. Next year is this year, and this year was already crazy!

I offer these suggestions, take them, leave them, but consider this the public square and you’ve been told.

Please and Thank You are still expected. Your mothers, grannies and aunties taught you better than a whole slew of you are acting. Don’t shame those gals by forgetting you were raised right. If you want something; learn to ask nicely and be grateful. I can’t believe I have to type this, but just because you are a candidate doesn’t mean you are entitled to shit.

Attempt to remember that not every where you go is it about you.

I know.


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Recently received this from the Tip Line.  Since the Senate has delayed the vote while Sen. McCain recovers, seems as good a time as any to keep the conversation going.

Also, if you haven’t called your US Senator about the proposed bill-now would be a jolly good time.

Sen. Johnny Isakson DC Office Tel: (202) 224-3643

Sen. David Perdue  DC Office Tel: (202) 224-3521

We need to stop discussing government healthcare solutions in a fantasy world. A market-based solution must include incentives to carry insurance when it is not perceived as needed. And the best incentive to buy health insurance in a pure free market system would be to be denied care without it.

So, it follows that if we really want a pure market-based solution, then we must accept suffering and dead Americans as part of those basic market forces. It is clear, however, that such outcomes are not desirable to the American people.

So the logical follow on for that would be a universal health care system that covers everyone. But we cannot have a single-payer-for-all system without discussing across-the-board tax increases. The inevitable conclusion is that we are in desperate need of an honest conversation about non-pure-market solutions.

I can’t wait to see the comments.




Meeting Will Focus On Electing New Officers, Fighting for All Americans

ATLANTA – Next week, DNC members from across the country will gather at the DNC’s Winter Meeting in Atlanta, where the party will elect new officers and focus on ensuring all Americans have access to a good job with good pay, affordable health care, a secure retirement, and a quality education for their children.

The DNC Winter meeting will begin on Thursday, February 23 and will conclude on Saturday, February 25. Over the course of three days, DNC members will participate in caucus, council, and committee meetings as well as training sessions. There will be two general sessions: one on Friday, February 24 at 10 a.m. to discuss party business, and another on Saturday, February 25 beginning at 10 a.m. to elect new DNC officers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to accommodate increased public demand, Saturday’s session has been moved from the Westin Peachtree Hotel to a ballroom at the AmericasMart facility close by. There will be a press file with tables and electrical power and a step-and-repeat for interviews, and a riser with a mult box and power. Wifi will be provided; Ethernet will not.

The DNC Winter Meeting general sessions, including the election of officers, will be open to the press and the public and will be livestreamed on Democrats.org and on social media for maximum audience participation.

Members of the public wishing to RSVP to the DNC Winter Meeting can visit this page: http://my.democrats.org/page/s/dnc-winter-meeting-guest-rsvp?source=release

In the lead up to the Winter Meeting, the DNC has held the most open and transparent officer election in party history. The DNC held four regional forums for DNC members and the public to hear from candidates for officer positions of Chair, Vice Chair At-Large, Vice Chair for Civic Engagement and Voter Participation, Secretary, Treasurer, and National Finance Chair. About half of the 447 DNC members attended one of our regional forums in person. All of these forums were open to the public and livestreamed on social media, and have since been posted in full on the DNC’s website.

In order for a candidate to qualify for the ballot, they must submit 20 DNC member signatures to the DNC Secretary by 8pm on Tuesday, February 21. The DNC will then release the names of the candidates that have qualified for the ballot on Wednesday morning.
Additional details, including a detailed schedule of events, will be made public in subsequent media advisories.

WHAT: DNC Winter Meeting
WHERE: Thursday and Friday: Westin Peachtree, 210 Peachtree St in Atlanta, Georgia
Saturday: AmericasMart, 240 Peachtree St NE, 4th Floor
WHEN: February 23-25



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Auntie Batgurl has had enough of all you junior political consultants on TwitterBook and there’s not enough coffee in the fever swamps aka recent political meetings to keep repeating myself.

I’m going to do my best to address all your questions and concerns in this handy FAQ about the “possible” special Jungle election in the Georgia 6th Congressional District, and it’s fallout down ballot.

Follow along, there will be a quiz later.

Q: Whats with the GunsNRoses theme?

A: This election is a “Jungle” election, all the candidates, dogs and cats together, on the same ballot on the same day. No primary! Chaos! Yay!

Welcome to the jungle we’ve got fun and games!

Q:When will the election be?

A: Election, what election? Right now it’s only a rumor till Rep. Tom Price is confirmed by the Senate, and y’all keep calling to tell them not to confirm him so yeah, I dunno.

Q: What?

A: Lets pretend he’s confirmed or indicted, anyway he’s vacating his seat, as soon as that as happens, and he’s sworn in, no more Congressman. Because hey you can’t ride two horses at the same time. Although the seat is vacant, don’t worry the Republicans will get by without Prices vote. Staff still reports to work, because in theory they have the peoples work to do.

Fun Fact: if he’s not confirmed, there won’t be a election. It’s not like he gets thrown through the moon door.

Q: But when Auntie Batgurl, when?

A.In the event there is a opening in the 6th, the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal has 10 days to ponder the schedule. I’m sure he’s taking all your concerns into account as he does this. No, who are you kidding. He’s totally going to schedule the election based on all the moving parts of whomever he wants to replace Rep Price, and any open seats it might create in the district. Plus a run off is expected especially in a crowded race.

Q: Come on, really… you don’t know? 

A. Nope I don’t.

Q: But laws about elections and ballots and soliders overseas!

A: Heres the math problem:  If Tom Price is confirmed on x date +  Gov can take 10 or less days to set the schedule +  qualifying + nine weeks (because it’s a Federal election) + round up to the nearest prime numbered date on a full moon, ok I made the last part up. You get the picture. It’s entirely up to the Governor to decide. This is the minimum number of days. He could decide to lengthen the schedule to give more time to the candidates, and let them gin up support.

I can’t read his mind!

Q: You’re very snotty. If you don’t know, why are there all these people at every meeting telling me they are running for office?

A: Good question. I guess some of them really really really want to call all their friends for money all day and spend their evenings at meetings full of sweaty activists wearing pussy hats and shake a ton of peoples hands?  I don’t get it, but hey at least ten of them do.

Q: Just how many candidates can you print on a ballot?

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