whatsnextFor those of us who’ve been observers and erstwhile participants in the Georgia Progressive Community we still have work to do. For me, I’ll attempt to reclaim a tiny piece of the vast “inter webs” by blogging here, encouraging local organizing and highlighting groups doing meaningful work.

Many members of the original BfD community have found fame, fortune and opportunities outside of the state. We love them, but miss them keenly during boring meetings, dull speeches, reheated and stale events. Others are still in Georgia but functioning in capacities that preclude them from political blogging. Perhaps from time to time we can encourage them to chime in on issues dear to their hearts.

Georgia’s political community continues to be quite small, and sometimes it feels like it gets smaller with each election cycle. By “political community” I exclude all Facebook groups. If this election cycle proved anything it was Facebook is by far the worst tool in organizing and community engagement since MoveOn.  The shocking amounts of ignorance and stupidity seemed to be on a endless loop. Most days it was like drinking from the Flint municipal water hose.

Instead of engaging with all the crazy there, I’m going to drop an assortment of musings and information here. I’m also actively looking for folks who have a point of view, a snarky soul, a few minutes to share their part of the action and join us. Let me know if you might be interested. Email me at juliana.illari {at}gmail.com

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VivianJohnsonLewisScottPoythressIn searching for something, anything, to write to help make some sense of this national nightmare, I found the words of our own John Lewis to be particularly uplifting.

I know many of you are feeling hurt, angry, frustrated and so much more at the result of the election. Just know that’s okay and that you’re not alone.

It’s clear that the divisions in our country were deeper than any of us thought.

But we must not give up. It’s not time to run for the hills. Today is the day that we pick ourselves up off the floor and get back to work.

It’s up to us now, not as Democrats or Republicans — but as Americans — to begin the process of healing.

We cannot be complacent, but we cannot be vengeful. We must speak truth to power and fiercely defend those who are the most vulnerable.

No one can take away our right to hurt or our right to heal. We all love this country and we must all be responsible as we work to forge a better future.

It’s not going to be easy. We will have good and bad days moving forward, but we will always have tomorrow. The sun will always shine brightly on the United States of America.

Thank you all and God bless America,

John Lewis




Join the Fulton County Democratic Party
Thursday, September 8, 2016
7:00 pm, 6:30 refreshments & socializing

IBEW Auditorium
501 Pulliam Street SW
Atlanta, GA 30312

Meet and mingle with fellow Democrats at monthly meetings of the Fulton County Democratic Party, held on the 2nd Thursday of every month.
On September 8, we welcome as our special guest Richard McDaniel, State Director for Hillary for America in Georgia.

Richard McDaniel, a Graduate of Morehouse College and a proud product of Atlanta Public Schools, is currently the State Director for Hillary for America in Georgia.  Previously, he served as Primary States Regional Director for Hillary for America, and, prior to joining the Hillary campaign, as Political Director for the Democratic Party of Georgia and for the Michelle Nunn U.S Senate campaign.  Richard also served as as Georgia’s State Director for Organizing for Action, which is the nation’s largest volunteer run grassroots organization that advocates for the legislative agenda.

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pantsuits Sign up and find out how to engage here.

Make some calls, stuff some envelopes, knock on doors. Whatever floats your boat. Even small actions can make a big difference in a tossup state.

Yes, Georgia is in play people! As is apparently South Carolina.





bernieAKA Democracy for America 2.0 Day:

[Bernie Sanders’] group, dubbed Our Revolution, is set to debut Wednesday evening. But eight of the group’s 13 or so staffers resigned over the weekend after former campaign manager Jeff Weaver was brought in to run the group. The remaining staffers, some of whom stayed for personal reasons, all sent letters to Sanders expressing concerns with Weaver and solidarity with those who quit.

It would seem that Sanders supporters can’t even get along with each other, never mind other Democrats.