The Republicans seem to have their hands full with a number of problematic bills and elected officials littering the legislatures and creating all sorts of unpleasant press droppings.  Some are witty and some not so much.

Lets take a quick look at the “rebranding” targets to see how things as going shall we.

Rebranding with the women folk:

Not good.

Georgia ladies be mad.

Go home your drunk.

Rebranding with the football booster clubs, wait thats not a thing? 

Rushing the passer huh that’s not what this means, I’m so confused.

Boycotts have consequences, expensive ones.

Rebranding with medical community? 

Cavities on the rise bless his heart he’s the only name on this bill awww <sad trombone>

X-Rays of dead people on FB as a winning Senate campaign strategy, oh I think not.

Sick people? No future with them.

Rebranding with the rising American/Georgia Electorate?  You know who I mean, “those people”

It’s always fun to mess with Voting Rights!

They don’t need no stinking license or ID

Rebranding with LBGT community.. oh hell y’all were NEVER doing that! *gigglesnort*

Gay Republicans puzzle me.

What does AZ, OK, GA, VA, IN, TN, ID & Maine have in common.. well this.

Republican Poster Children or as I like to call them, “equal opportunity cringe worthy Representatives of your brand”

Ted Nugent is not helping anyone is he?

Le sigh Rep. Broun, le sigh

Finally this, a special delivery of home grown crazy (part 2) Clean up on isle 22.



by Sandra Givens Scott, a state representative in Georgia and a member of the Women Legislators’ Lobby, a program of Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND).

As a veteran, I have some particular worries about how our nation is meeting the needs of our men and women in uniform and their families. The political brinkmanship Congress has displayed with basic budget decisions over the last several years has threatened the entire U.S. economy and specifically put  at risk essential programs that help prepare returning veterans to reenter the job market.  Members of our military and their families deserve an economy that serves them as well as they serve us.  Jeopardizing our economic security for a political gain is no way to honor these brave women and men.

My husband and I are U.S. Army veterans, and I am appalled at the treatment and services provided to veterans and their families. Our men and women serving in the military work tirelessly to serve this nation; in return they get a slap in the face from the country they protect and love.  As I look at my husband and our friends, who served in Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the Afghan war, and see the pain, stress, and sickness some of them have, I wonder how the government can continue to prioritize outdated, expensive weapons systems over veterans’ care.

Soldiers often wait many years to get the medical assistance, disability, and other help they need just to survive. Why isn’t the government putting our veterans first? As a state legislator, I am doing my part to help veterans lead productive civilian lives. Shouldn’t Congress do its part?

Even as austerity and budgetary discipline has been imposed on federal spending in the last few years, it has been a different story at the Pentagon, where spending has skyrocketed to $640 billion a year in 2013, almost doubling since 2001. Rather than reshaping its budget to prepare America for real 21st century threats, secure economic competitiveness, and support our military, the Pentagon continues to invest in outdated and expensive weapons systems, such as Cold War-era nuclear weapons and unneeded and troubled programs like the F-35 Strike Fighter Jet.

Taxpayer dollars are wasted on fraud, abuse, and contractor greed. We need instead to invest in our future and address the needs of today’s servicemen and servicewomen, military families, and veterans. If the Pentagon budget is not reined in, other programs including those that are essential to our nation’s veterans will suffer devastating cuts in order to keep overall spending lower and within mandated budget caps.

As a state legislator, I know too well the challenge of budgeting in these difficult economic times. The kind of political brinksmanship seen in Congress lately only makes state budget-writing more difficult. Rather than focus on political gain, Congress should put the livelihoods and needs of our constituents, and especially our veterans, ahead of political posturing.

As the budget process for Fiscal Year 2015 gets underway Congress must decide: will it be showing gratitude for our veterans by fighting for economic security, American strength, and supporting our returning military, veterans and their families; or will Congress instead side with special interests and continue to spend billions on wasteful, outdated and unnecessary programs that don’t make a real contribution to our national or economic security.




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Hey, look at that we’ve got a few bucks!

The Democratic Party of Georgia reported raising more than $181,000 on the Federal report during the month of December, with more than $216,000 cash on hand. Combined with Non-federal figures released earlier this month, Georgia Democrats have entered 2014 with more than $404,000 cash on hand.

The State Committee of the Democratic Party is meeting on Saturday to elect someone to fill the unexpired DNC term Chairman Porter is vacating to focus on leading the party.  Here are the Candidates, here is the meeting information:

The February 8 Special Election for National Committee Member (DNC Member) will be held at the IBEW Local 613, located at 501 Pulliam St SW #250, Atlanta, GA 30312. Registration for the election will begin at noon, and the body will convene promptly at 12:30 pm. 

One ballot people, one damn ballot.

I think it’s fair to point out how the GA GOP  has failed at “THE” primary function of government, protecting it’s citizens.

Sen. Isakson said it would “take a perfect storm” to elect a Democrat statewide, truer words may not of been spoken.  However I don’t think he actually meant #ClusterFlake2014 or that it’s name would be Leon, but we’ll take it.

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Congressman Paul Broun is back in the newsagain, and not for anything MENSA related.

Speaking of MENSA candidates, you can’t mail meth to the pokey.

Throw me a bone people, your 2002 retro newsletter is bad. Happy New Year, it’s 2014 and this is useful. See the difference.

Lighten up Prince. Seriously, you can’t control everything or every dime, you’re not Disney after all.

The Mayor of Sochi says they have no gays, so what the problem? Uh er..then who is hanging out at your gay bars?

Speaking of the Gayz the #CheerstoSochi hack is just getting started, and it’s going to leave a mark.

I’m all down with same sex marriage, but this had a serious mid 70′s Rev. Moon feel to it. By Rev. Moon I mean,  Madonna. Gurl please stop with the surgery.

The Netflix movie about Mitt Romney only gets half  of an eye roll.  I watched it so you don’t have to.  Review after the flip.

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You know we aren’t fans of sending money out of Georgia, but sometimes we make an exception. Here is such a case. The amazing Wendy Davis is running for Governor of Texas and she’ll be in Atlanta this Wednesday for a fundraising event. For those who can afford it, here’s the info, courtesy of Georgia’s Wendy Davis.



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