icon_thumbs_downSeriously, who is this guy? Has anyone met him, been interviewed by him, read his other work? No, well then why should I read this article?  Apart from the cheap predicable alliteration in the title, what is he actually saying that hasn’t been said by a busload of ignorant others?

I’m going to stress the word ignorant because clearly he doesn’t understand that the two political parties in this country have legal responsibilities entwined in almost every partisan election. Therefore some operational structure has to remain in the South. We’re not India or the UK, we don’t have a multi party system that Southern Democrats can throw in with. In fact Georgia has the most restrictive ballot access laws in the country. For that very reason we only have two parties. I give the Libertarians a 10 on the difficulty scale for navigating the onerous amount of rules to qualify a few folks each cycle, by this morons standards they too should give up.

I could point out that by “dumping” us, he’s potentially “dumping” several states who are literal gold mines for cash and volunteers. The giant sucking sound you hear every even numbered year in spring, summer and fall is when money starts flying north. In 2008 the “South” Sent $45 million dollars to Senator Barack Obama’s campaign, just slightly less in 2012. I would argue that OFA had already abandoned the south, apart from NC & Florida. however that said I know hundreds of people who traveled from Georgia to work in VA, NC & Florida.

This guy was clearly never in sales, because if he was he’d see the “South” as a huge opportunity, much the same way that the GOP saw NJ, PA, OH and IL.  They didn’t throw in the towel after a half dozen losses, instead they retooled and targeted races within those states for pickups. Smart & Strategic that ought to be our mantra instead of circular firing squads.

As I write this post, I see that FiveThirtyEight  has weighed in. I’m inclined to give Harry the last word, but instead I’ll leave it to Senator John Blutarsky

“What? Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”




r-PUNK-CHAOS-TO-COUTURE-large570Today I posted my FB status as: It’s way past time for political parties to end the “elected official” leadership model. I can’t imagine a bigger conflict of interest or a less effective group of folks to serve an organization 

In record time, text, email and FB messages to me over my status almost broke the internet (not really)  It was somewhat related to this article, but more to do with a response to a person seeking my support to run for one of the DPG’s top seven leadership positions.

What you’re not totally following that crap? Ok then, let me back up:

Next month the Democratic Party of Georgia will hold it’s Leadership elections. I’m hearing a last saturday in January date being floated. Friends of this blog know there was a time when this day could not have come soon enough. A lot has happened since the ignominious resignation of our former chair, who’s name won’t be spoken, but who I will link to here, here and here.  Please click on all those links, because yeah “google” also needs to remember that crap.

Once he was gone, amazing individuals stepped up to lead the organization in the interim and then were elected to filled his unexpired term through the election season. Both are running for re-election and I will happily support them.

Others, not so much.

Challengers are lining up for the Leadership posts, in hilarious and not so hilarious ways. I’m entirely sure a few of them don’t know that it’s a thankless volunteer position that will personally cost them thousands in the next four years.

I penned a letter to one of those challengers, and then I decided in the interest of transparency,  and full disclosure I’d  post it here.  I regret nothing and have felt this way for 10 years. Plus, I can link to this when the next elected official solicits my vote. Boom.

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If you haven’t been following this story, the report below will bring you up to speed. In a nutshell, Republican efforts at voter suppression now extend to voter registration.

Rev. Raphael Warnock on GOP Voter Suppression Efforts from Georgia Democrat on Vimeo.



Watching the news these days can be a downer, but don’t you love those stories at the end that spotlight people making a difference?

Here are two amazing projects that I encourage you to drop what you are doing and check out.

First, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there are thousands of children at our border seeking to claim refugee status from the horrible, violent situations in their home countries that they ran away from. They’re being held in overcrowded shelters while we all wait for Congress to do something, and it’s not a pretty sight.

The Texas Young Democrats are stepping up to help, and you should join them. They’ve set up an Amazon wish list with items like soap, socks, t-shirts and backpacks. Many of these items are under $10, and 100% of the things you buy will go to a child being held at the border.

Second, people in Detroit have been battling the city water authorities for over a month after they instituted a plan to shut off water to the 150,000 residents who are delinquent on their bills. Even though big corporations and sports stadiums owe thousands for delinquent water bills, Detroit would rather shut off the water to half of the city’s citizens.

Good people have set up the Detroit Water Project, a match service where you can help someone in Detroit pay all or part of their delinquent water bill. Once you sign up for a match and pledge an amount, you’re taken directly to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department website to pay a bill. It’s that easy to help someone get their water back and take a shower during the hottest part of the year.

Two great ways to lend a hand set up by people who aren’t profiting a dime. Love it.





I stumbled upon a good article in Politico a day or two ago regarding Twitter stats.  I remember in 2010, giving weekly reports of Facebook “friends” and Twitter “followers” to the campaign team I was working with…  it was something we worked hard on, and gave us some sense of who was following the campaign via social media.

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