voting-is-sexyFirst, if you want to review the candidates and confirm your districts check out the Georgia League of Women Voters super-cool Voter Guide!

Creative Loafing has published their endorsements.  Georgia Equality announced theirs. Red Clay Democrats have some.  Georgia Stonewall too. Atlanta Progressive News is up too. The consensus seems to be:  give The Mayor a second term to finish the work; Andre Dickens has much to offer; and Felicia Moore works hard (and is a good counterpoint to The Mayor).

Atlanta School Board is not as clear…  Some like Brenda, others Leslie.  Everyone (except APN) likes Jason!  Charter Schools and Teach for America influence seem to be the sticking points for school board candidates.

Blog for Democracy’s Election Endorsement-Palooza is worth a review, as well.

It’s all up to the voters now!  Check your registration and sample ballot. Be sure to vote!  Early voting today and tomorrow.  Precinct voting on Tuesday.



2 Responses to The Mayor, Andre, and Felicia.

  1. JMPrince says:

    Thanks for this, and yes, someone has to pick up the slack. As noted perviously the AJC gave up the ghost here some years back. JMP

  2. Jules says:

    Thoughts on endorsements that come less than a week before an election? Is the calculus that folks haven’t early voted? Or that everyone is waiting to see what happens a few days out? I’m a bit stumped by this.

    That said, the CL ones were extremely thorough and they did an excellent job explaining their nods.

    I know some groups worked hard to get their endorsements done in September so the candidates could use them in their campaigns, which helps both the organizations and candidates. I guess when you don’t have to worry about burning political capital on a endorsement they can roll it out when it seems most folks are just tuning into the races.