BatGurl here. It’s been a hot minute, (*blows dust off cape*) but I’m back because someone is being petulant again.

Since losing the Chair’s election in 2013, the Non-Partisan Mayor of Atlanta hasn’t been around the DPG much. He refused to endorse our nominee for Governor. He’s talked sh*t about the DPG. And now, boys and girls, the rumors are circling that he will be running a candidate for DPG Chair–maybe Tharon Johnson, who you may recall, was a Chairman of the DPG Coordinated Campaign effort, and has also joined the chorus of smack talking, which is a really ineffective way of campaigning if you ask me.

The Non-Partisan Mayor of Atlanta entire argument is we “shouldn’t reward failure.”

Well friends, let’s talk about failure.

Kasim Reed failed to endorse Jason Carter for Governor, yeah BatGurl is not letting this go. When he did finally manage to string together a handful of supportive words at the Bill Clinton event, I think every eye rolled in Paschals. He failed to be forthright about it. He kept saying that Jason never endorsed him in 2009. Well guess what kiddos, Jason Carter wasn’t elected until a special election in 2010.

He failed to raise money for the Party. He didn’t even come to the convention! (Neither did Tharon Johnson *feigns shock*).

He failed to campaign for any of the Democratic down-ballot candidates.

He failed new voters who registered with the New Georgia Project because he NEVER came out in support the newly registered voters while his Republican buddies successfully suppressed votes.

He failed to call out his old colleague, Senator Fran Millar, for pushing for an end to Sunday vote and for being a racist too.

And you wanna know why I think he failed to do that? Because his cuddle buddy, Nathan Deal is probably gonna throw Sunday voting to the curb. And the Mayor would hate to piss of his BFF (side note—this Batgurl knows neither of them are Batman or Robin).

He has failed to hold the Republican Governor accountable for any of his many misdeeds. Like this, this or this. Where was the Mayor? He was silent.

In 2012, the Mayor supported Aaron Watson and Lamar Willis for re-election for City Council and Ruben McDaniel for School Board. Both lost = Mayor Reed Failure. (But he just got Aaron Watson and his campaign manager an appointment to the MILRA board likely pleasing  his pal REPUBLICAN Governor Nathan Deal.)

The Mayor supported Alisha Thomas Morgan for State School Superintendent. She lost = Mayor Reed Failure.

Oh yeah, before that, the Mayor lost the Atlanta Braves (you know, just a professional baseball team. No big dealz…) = Mayor Reed Failure.

Ooooh ooooh, he lost his cool in the snowstorm = Mayor Reed Failure. And can we all just watch these national clips again? Like this one, and this one and this one. I mean, it was pretty funny when Al Roker called him out.

I guess we could go all the way back to the transportation referendum that he lost = Mayor Reed Failure.

But seriously, if Kasim Reed doesn’t want to “reward failure,” why isn’t he calling out the DNC and running a candidate against Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz? Democrats lost throughout the nation. But DNC member, Kasim Reed, is silent.

Because Kasim Reed is a failure to Democrats. It’s no wonder that the rumor Batgurl is hearing the most right now is that the Mayor is planning to switch to the Republican Party for the 2018 Governor’s race.

This is not the type of leadership our DPG needs. It’s not the type of leadership our city, or our state needs. I wish I didn’t even have to write this, but our future is hanging on the balance of this one (that and those twits keep going to the press with all sorts of lies).

I think there may be some more to say. But I’ll wait until after the holiday. The Non-Partisan Mayor of Atlanta and Tharon Johnson are holiday buzz kills.


3 Responses to Will Someone Please Give Kasim Reed a Big Ol’ Glass of STFU?

  1. SWATs says:

    That pretty much summed up Kasim’s career in one story. Thanks. I’m sure oppo guys will use this post for years to come.

  2. Ice Tina says:

    I agree, the Mayor has be acting quite sour since loosing the Chairmanship.

  3. Afro Atl says:

    Sounds like sour grapes.

    Anonymity = low character